Achieve operational excellence with the agile and flexible AutoFLEX Flow Computer

The Thermo Scientific AutoFLEX Flow Computer offers a flexible platform allowing operators from the wellhead to the end consumer to increase their ability to monitor instrument performance and flow throughput. The increased processing power of the AutoFLEX helps avoid costly unplanned downtime, which can enable users to make better maintenance decisions based on collected data. The AutoFLEX tool can enable users to save tens of millions of dollars per year on lost productivity and repairs.

Transport, control, and store your product reliably with the Thermo Scientific AutoFLEX Flow Computer. From a single measurement point to large delivery points, the AutoFLEX flow computer coupled with the AutoCONFIG interface helps oil and gas transporters maximize flow throughput with quick field deployment and enhanced station control.

Comprehensive measurement suite

Eliminate need for multiple devices. Standard firmware includes support for all leading measurement technologies supporting both liquid and gas primary measurement devices. Learn more about Flow Measurement.

Increased control agility

In addition to generating reliable measurement data, AutoFLEX platform can analyze multiple data points that are critical to the transportation of hydrocarbons. From basic valve control to complex station control schemes, AutoCONFIG enables users to monitor, track, and remotely control the delivery of energy.

Secure system networking and data transmission

Oversee transfers with confidence using any of the two robust ethernet communications supporting up to five simultaneous connections each. Simplifying integration with standard and encapsulated MODBUS ensure all stakeholders receive timely field updates or data. With an extended range via Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, operators can remain in a safe environment. 

Safeguard against uncertainty and maintain worker safety

Alleviate uncertainty and gain customer trust with precise product measurement. Oversee transfers with confidence by remotely measuring product and detecting leaks of fugitive emissions. With an extended range through Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity, operators are removed from potential hazardous environments. The 200+ alarm configurations provide real-time data to site operations for quick decision making regardless of being onsite or remote.

Reinforced operations ensure minimal disruptions

Storage terminals are critical in the oil and gas supply chain. Avoid downtime by quickly identifying disruptions through data driven actions to meet demands. The AutoFLEX easily integrates into existing measurement and control systems. For simplified SCADA connection, single click exporting and importing MODBUS mapping is available.

Drive actions

The field proven AutoCONFIG software unlocks the power of our AutoFLEX platform with effortless configuration, health status, and field-proven control functions that enable field technicians to effectively and efficiently manage product delivery.
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AutoFLEX custody transfer

A critical component of oil and gas operations is accuracy and repeatability during the transactions involving transporting hydrocarbons from one operator to another or to its final end user.  These transactions occur at various points during the oil and gas value chain such as tanks to tankers, tankers to ships, and tanks to pipelines. Our AutoFLEX flow computer combined with our AutoCONFIG software provides a full suite of flow calculations to manage any custody transfer application within the value chain. Our library contains both natural gas and liquid calculations that comply with the latest API Chapter 21.1 and 21.2 standards. 

With 8MB of memory, the AutoFLEX series is capable of managing all of your custody transfer historical archiving along with the capacity to store multiple critical data points in their own historical archive. In addition to memory space, the AutoFLEX provides accurate and repeatable measurement to ensure maximum monitoring and control of lost and unaccounted for gas and liquids. Our hardware components and transmitter minimize measurement errors, reducing timely accounting adjustments and discrepancies.

AutoFLEX station control

Natural gas metering stations are a central link in transporting product from the pipeline to downstream users like power plants, processing plants, and local distribution companies. Within this link there are multiple data points that require cohesive operation to minimize disruptions and maintain worker safety. The AutoFLEX platform is designed to coordinate all the functions for the quality and quantity of gas being transferred in a pipeline. 

Functions such as flow control, pressure reduction, pressure regulation, and overpressure protection are combined into one simple “Station Control” function within our AutoCONFIG software, simplifying configuration and field deployment.  Easily manipulate the function to address seasonal changes in demand with quick and easy access to critical data points and overview of control schemes. Our scalable platform allows technicians to easily add additional control as the station demand changes. Simplified configuration functions allow for simultaneous connection to tertiary equipment such as odorizers, GCs, dewpoint analyzers, and H2S analyzers, creating a single access point to ensure efficient and effective product delivery.

AutoFLEX seamless integration
Critical point monitoring

Oil and gas operations have expanded and continue to grow in the number of instruments utilized in the management, control, and accounting of product. AutoFLEX solves the need for efficiently and effectively deploying a flow computer to a critical site. (2) Ethernet ports are available on every unit with speeds up to 1GB/s and both supporting simultaneous Master and Slave connections, facilitating communication to SCADA and tertiary devices. Many legacy instruments do not support Ethernet and continue to rely on serial communications; the AutoFLEX can support up to 8 serial ports ensuring all critical data points can be integrated into a single data center. 

AutoCONFIG Interface

The latest generation of AutoCONFIG interface software provides efficient and personalized experience. This software provides access to all calculations and tools for the effective monitoring and control of hydrocarbons from the wellhead to consumer. Configuration Compare allows technicians to compare two configurations to identify key differences to facilitate troubleshooting efforts. In addition, users can configure their own screens to personalize their experience; it presents a means to consolidate key data onto one screen, monitor multiple flow run totals/rates in a single screen, and visualize all control parameters on one screen. 
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