Columns are the heart of chromatography. We recommend having robust go-to reverse phase columns. Most chromatographers would say that the majority of separations can be accomplished by a C18 column. For situations where you are working with more challenging separations, we also provide a few additional options below.

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  • Accucore Vanquish C18 columns are high resolution columns that take full advantage of the separation power provided by Vanquish Horizon systems. These columns are on a robust solid core silica particle, and deliver powerful separations to solve your analytical challenges faster and more effectively.
  • Accucore Phenyl Hexyl columns are HPLC/UHPLC solid core columns for the separation of positional isomers. This aromatic chemistry offers complementary selectivity to C18 phases, and is a great option for clinical research, forensic toxicology, and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Accucore aQ columns are HPLC/UHPLC solid core columns for high resolution, low back pressure separations, fully end-capped and compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
  • Hypersil Gold columns offer our most popular chemistry in a HPLC and UHPLC format. They can be used for the separation of a wide variety of analytes and are a go-to for customers in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, clinical research, and environmental labs. Responds well and with high efficiency peaks in a wide variety of matrices.
  • Accucore RP-MS columns offers our Hypersil GOLD chemistry on a solid core format. This column is optimized for MS detection and offers excellent peak shapes for optimal separations.

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