With over 40 years as a leader in LC column technology, as well as the unparalleled sensitivity, resolution and accuracy of our MS systems, you can rely on the quality of our HPLC and UHPLC columns to help optimize your LC-MS workflows. Our extensive family of products offers a variety of particle sizes and column designs to meet all separation needs, delivering faster analysis and consistent performance. Below is a sample of some of our most popular LC columns.

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Accucore series of columns are HPLC/UHPLC, solid core silica particle column for high resolution, low backpressure separations.

  • Accucore RP-MS columns are optimized for MS detection and offers excellent peak shapes for optimal separations.
  • Accucore Vanquish C18+ is high resolution C18 phase and takes full advantage of the separation power provided by Vanquish Horizon systems.
  • Accucore Phenyl Hexyl is for the separation of positional isomers. This aromatic chemistry offers complementary selectivity to C18 phases, and is a great option for clinical research, forensic toxicology, and pharmaceutical laboratories.
  • Accucore aQ is fully end-capped and compatible with 100% aqueous mobile phases.
  • HYPERSIL GOLD columns contain our most popular chemistry in a HPLC and UHPLC format. These can be used for the separation of a wide variety of analytes, and are a go-to for customers in pharmaceutical, food and beverage, clinical research, and environmental labs. They respond well and with high efficiency peaks in a wide variety of matrices.
  • HYPERSIL GOLD aQ columns provide excellent peak shape, even with challenging reversed phase separations using highly aqueous mobile phases.

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