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You need to generate sample results quickly and accurately, possibly around the clock. What if your ion chromatograph could operate without taking a break? Introducing Thermo Scientific Dionex Capillary Ion Chromatography systems.

What is Capillary IC?

Capillary IC is a technique where column size, injection volumes, and flow rates are reduced by a factor of 25 to 100. The technique can be used for most ion analysis applications, excluding those for polyacrylate treated water, borated water, metals and oligosaccharide analysis.

Column i.d.4mm0.4mm
Flow rate1.0mL/min0.010mL/min
Injection volume40µL0.1µL
Eluent consumption/waste generated43.2L/month0.432L/month
EGC cartridge lifetime (at 39 mM)5 months18 months

What do customers think?

"Our Capillary IC system is usually analyzing samples day and night. The one day a month that it is not analyzing samples is when I change the water for the mobile phase (eluent) and re-equilibrate the system." – Alastair D. Bewsher, University of Manchester
"Capillary IC takes ice melting technology to a whole new level. Smaller volume injections require less ice which leaves more for other analyses. Sensitivity is also a major improvement. Limits of detection have gone down by an order of magnitude." – Dr. Erich Osterberg, Dartmouth College Department of Earth Sciences

Choose from two Dionex Capillary IC systems

Always Ready system operation

  • Runs 24/7 with continuous eluent flow.
  • Eliminates the need to wait for equilibration.

Reduce eluent waste and disposal costs

  • Operates in Reagent-Free Ion Chromatography (RFIC) system mode.
  • Eluent generation cartridge lasts for 18 months under continuous operation.

Analyze more using low sample volumes

  • Determines analytes with sample injections as small as 0.1 μL.
  • Perform trace-level analysis with confidence.
Choose from two Dionex Capillary IC systems

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