Detect tomorrow's drugs today using LC-MS

When results can mean the difference between life and death, or innocence and guilt, accurate results are essential. We offer a comprehensive set of reliable, cost-effective solutions for every step of the analytical workflow to help reveal the truth hidden in the growing load of forensic toxicology, clinical research, and sports antidoping samples. Whether you’re focused on meeting today’s caseloads or anticipating future emerging drugs, we can help. Because when justice and health are on the line, so is your reputation. Find the truth.


Forensic drug chemistry categories

Drug Screening and Confirmation
Whether you perform quantitative targeted screening, profile unknowns, or advance forensic research, we offer solutions to meet current and future needs.

Volatile Screening
Blood alcohol content (BAC) analysis is a common preliminary tests in forensic toxicology. Reduce turnaround times without compromising performance and sensitivity.

Our triple quadrupole, high resolution, and isotope ratio mass spectrometry instruments help you confirm prohibited compounds and identify emerging substances.

Controlled Substances
We offer solutions to quantify and confirm large quantities of seized drug evidence and identify emerging synthetic designer drugs, while distinguishing identity of similar compounds.

Put your trust in trace element analysis and empower your lab. Screen and confirm trace organic and inorganic toxins using our integrated trace element solutions.

LIMS for Forensic Labs
Documented chain of custody is critical in the evaluation of forensic samples. Our solution enhances data reliability, allows easy retrieval, and enables testimonial piece of mind.

Clinical research categories

Protein Biomarker Discovery & Validation
Discover protein biomarkers that matter using workflows for both unbiased discovery-based (untargeted) and targeted determination of changes in protein abundance.

Sample Separation
Streamline your workflows with a variety of sophisticated separation solutions to improve your application and workflow performance.

Mass Spectrometry Instruments
Solutions you can trust to meet the challenges of clinical research and help you translate your research to future relevant clinical applications

Software & LIMS
Software solutions designed to solve workflow and analysis specific challenges in the clinical research laboratory

Sample Preparation
All samples require some form of preparation prior to study or analysis. We offer a variety of solutions to solve your most complex challenges.

BRIMS Research Collaboration
The bridge between our technology and your clinical research application need

Clinical Diagnostics LC-MS
From ensuring high productivity demands to offering increased confidence, high performance Class I medical devices for in vitro diagnostic use addresses the critical requirements in laboratory developed test results.

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