oil refining process

Advanced process controls at critical points in oil refinery technology

As the worldwide leader in the development of innovative analytical solutions, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers advanced process controls that help make the oil refining process more productive and safer, while maintaining compliance with environmental regulations.

Analytical innovation for safety, productivity and compliance for GTL applications

Proven and robust technologies provide precise and accurate measurements at critical points in the oil refining process, and operate effectively in the most challenging environments. Backed by an experienced global service and support organization, these refinery technology products and solutions for oil and gas will provide confident answers for refinery operations in all regions of the world.

Increasingly, national and local government bodies are requiring processing companies to monitor the various emissions from their plant stacks and flares to reduce the amount of pollution entering the atmosphere. Discover the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO and SOLA iQ that provide fast online monitoring of flare gases.

Reliably measure density or density-related variables with the Thermo Scientific Sarasota gas and liquid density meters that offer near real-time control signal availability, minimize process interruptions, and ensure plant efficiency and vitality.

Online analyzers replace expensive and time consuming laboratory sampling. Get fast responses and wide measurement ranges using Thermo Scientific SOLA Sulfur Analyzers.

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