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Thermo Scientific Dionex products have been empowering scientists for 45 years across the environmental, industrial, pharmaceutical and food and beverage markets.

Our Dionex Chromatography products lead the way in:

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Dionex Ion Chromatography Systems

Which ion chromatography system is right for your laboratory?

It depends. Are you running routine analyses, or do you need advanced functions? You can choose from fundamental workhorses to high-pressure systems with electrolytic eluent generation. What’s the difference and how do they compare?

Browse our portfolio below or let one of our experts help you tailor a selection specific to your application and workflow needs. Contact us.

 Dionex Aquion IC System
Dionex Aquion
IC System
Dionex Integrion HPIC System
Dionex Integrion
HPIC System
Dionex ICS-4000 Capillary HPIC System
Dionex ICS-4000
Capillary HPIC System
Dionex ICS-6000 HPIC System
Dionex ICS-6000
HPIC System
AdvantagesNew level of robustness to ion chromatography through engineered simplicitySaves lab time with better separations and improved IC capabilities, precision and system automationAlways ready while providing an easy workflow when you need the quickest time to result.Provides cutting-edge technology, versatility and capabilities not found on any other IC system.
Automated, comprehensive consumables tracking reduces installation & tracking errors
Reusable, ultralow-dead-volume, high-pressure finger-tight connections that are easy to use
Accurate, reproducible electrolytic high-pressure gradients with shorter run times
Easily track suppressor performance using single-device suppression
Single-vendor software that controls multiple vendor instruments
Built-in method development software tool to efficiently optimize column and separation conditions
Precise, accurate electrolytic eluent generation for excellent method reproducibility
Integrated detector options that protect your investment
Capillary IC system with the advantages of always-ready operation
Multiple pump configurations for your application flexibility
Runs 2D-IC applications for trace analyses
Mechanical and RFIC gradients to expand your capabilities
Increase productivity using single and dual configurations
Broad flow-rate options for capillary, microbore, and standard bore columns
Easy methods development using dual column temperature zones
Reconfigure with individual, stand-alone modules for special application requirements
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Dionex Automated Sample Preparation

Save time and solvents, reduce errors, get better results

Reduce time and repetitive functions you need to perform, while providing highly reproducible results with your GC or LC. Thermo Scientific solutions include:

Dionex IC Autosamplers

Increase sample throughput and add sample preparation capabilities

IC autosamplers with a range of cost and sample preparation capabilities, such as autodilution and sample concentration. Click the blue arrow below to learn more, or let one of our experts help tailor a selection specific to your application and workflow needs. Contact us.

 Dionex AS-AP Autosampler
Dionex AS-AP
Dionex AS-DV Autosampler
Dionex AS-DV
Dionex AS-HV Autosampler
Dionex AS-HV
FeaturesAdvanced sample preparation capabilities with superior precision and accuracyCombines auto-injection and sample filtration into one stepDesigned for injecting very large sample volumes
ApplicationsSimultaneous and sequential injection, concentration, matrix elimination, fraction collection and sample conductivity/pH measurementSimultaneous injection, concentration, matrix eliminationSimultaneous injection, concentration, matrix elimination
InjectionType: Electrically actuated Rheodyne valvesVolume: 0.1–5.0mL in 0.1mL incrementsType: Full loop/concentrator
Dispense Speed0.1–5.0mL/min in 0.1mL/min increments
Syringe Size100, 250, 1000, 5000μL
Vial Size10mL polystyrene vials
1.5mL glass vials
0.3 and 1.5mL polypropylene vials 0.10, 0.45, 0.5, and 2.0mL well plates
10, 15, 26, 40, 50, 60mL vials
Sample Capacity10mL vials—81 samples
0.3 or 1.5mL vials—120 samples
0.45, 0.5, or 2mL (three 96 well plates)
1152 samples (three 384 well plates)
50 PolyVials 0.5mL, 5.0mL, or mix of the two63 × 50mL: 72 × 26mL; 120 × 15mL, 180 × 10mL, and 63 × 40/60mL ASE vials
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