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Advanced workflows and powerful analysis

Maximize your lab’s productivity, enable comprehensive reporting, and develop expert methods regardless of user experience with the new Thermo Scientific TraceFinder 4.1 software. Our latest version of TraceFinder provides template-driven workflows, fast data acquisition, customized templates and automatic report generation. Compound databases for SRM and HRAM workflows are included, and the software’s Method Forge ensures easy access to hundreds of molecules in seconds. Download a free trial of the new TraceFinder 4.1 software today.

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TraceFinder 4.1 software benefits

Learn more about how TraceFinder 4.1 software enables quick and easy access to critical information on hundreds of molecules, confident data analysis of targeted screening and quantitation assays, transformation of existing data into quantitative methods, and the efficient use of flagging systems and intelligent sequencing to predict batch composition.

TraceFinder method tutorials

Download your trial demo of TraceFinder 4.0

Download your trial demo of TraceFinder 4.1

Explore our newest TraceFinder 4.1 software, which comes complete with an intelligent sequencing module, rights-based secure user login, and e-signature and audit trails for CFR Chapter 21 (11) compliance.

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We are here to help you maximize your free trial of TraceFinder software. Contact us if you would like more information on how to use it, or if you would like to have a representative contact you.

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