2019 Upcoming Shows

Tradeshow Date Location Product Line
SSSAAP Conference April 14-19 Pt. Clear, AL Gas Analyzers & Systems
RefComm April 29-May 3 Galveston, TX Nuclear
APACT 19 April 30-May 2 Chester, UK Process Mass Spectrometers
ISA - US May 5-9 Galveston, TX Process Mass Spectrometers
EPRI May 8-9 Birmingham, AL Gas Analyzers & Systems 
ISHM May 14-16 Oklahoma City, OK  Flow Computers
AWMA June 25-28 Quebec City, Quebec Gas Analyzers & Particulate
BioPharma International September 9-12 Boston, MA Process Mass Spectrometers
ASGMT September 17-20 Houston, TX Flow Computers
ISA UAE October 1-2 Abu Dhabi, UAE Process Mass Spectrometers
Kraftwork Kolloquium October 22-23 Dresden, Germany Gas Analyzers & Systems
Cell Culture Conference October 24-25 London, UK Process Mass Spectrometers
RAFT October 27-30 Ft. Myers, FL Process Mass Spectrometers

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SOLA iQ Total Sulfur Analyzer Training

Thursday morning – May 9, 2019
8:00 AM - 12:00 PM
ISA, Galveston, TX

This class will demonstrate the ease with which our SOLA iQ undergoes routine maintenance; our knowledgeable trainer will show you how with minimal experience the replacement components are swapped out and the analyzer brought back up and running with minimal downtime. We will also be on hand to answer any questions you may have about the operation and maintenance of the SOLA iQ and provide attendees with the differences between the SOLA II and the new SOLA iQ platform with it’s simple but effective touch screen user interface and features.

Instructor: Jim Keasbey   

Auto XP Gas Flow Computer Training

Tuesday, May 14
1:20 and 2:20
During ISHM Conference - Room 8
Oklahoma, OK