Environmental and Process Monitoring Event Calendar

2020 Upcoming Shows

Tradeshow Date Location Product Line
4C Environmental Conference February 19-21 Austin, TX Industrial Hygiene
Bioprocessing Summit Europe March 24-26 Barcelona, Spain Process Mass Spectrometers
ISA - US April 26-30 Long Beach, CA Process Analyzers
ISHM May 12-14 Oklahoma, City, OK Flow computers
EPRI  May 13-14 Indianapolis, IN Gas Analyzers and Systems
Global Bioprocessing, Bioanalytics & ATMP Manufacturing Congress May 18-19 Dublin, Ireland Process Mass Spectrometers
EuroPACT May 18-19 Copenhagen, Denmark Process Mass Spectrometers
ISA New Delhi May 20 New Delhi, India Process Analyzers, Gas Analyzers & Systems
Society for Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology August 9-12 San Francisco, CA Process Mass Spectrometers
National Ambient Air Monitoring Conference (NAAMC) August 9-13 Pittsburgh, PA Gas Analyzers and Particulate
ASGMT September 14-17 Houston, TX Flow Computers
Bioprocess International (BPI) East September 21-24 Boston, MA Process Mass Spectrometers
Cell Culture Congress October 6-7 London, UK Process Mass Spectrometers 
Bioproduction Congress October 13-15 Milan, Italy Process Mass Spectrometers
Process Analyzers