Go beyond with TMT multiplexing workflows

Opening doors to a whole new view of biology

The proteome is complex and dynamic. You need innovative tools to study the complexities of biology. Instead of a single data point, snapshot or limited capabilities of other reagents, monitor the real changes at work. Multiplexed TMT solutions enable you to ask real questions of your sample and obtain a meaningful description of how protein expression changes with disease, with the progression of time, and even within different parts of the cell. TMT workflows enable more than simple multiplexed quantitation; it opens the door to answering a whole new set of questions. So go beyond snapshots and analyze global protein dynamics more deeply.

Technology Overviews

MS Reagents

MS Instrumentation

Data Analysis

TMT-based Quantitation

TMT-based Quantitation

A revolution in proteomic analysis is occurring. Discussed is the power of accurate TMT-based quantitative proteomics and products and technologies involved. Speak to an expert for more information.


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SPS MS3 Workflows

The most accurate TMT quantification of high dynamic range complex mixtures can only be accomplished by employing Synchronous Precursor Selection (SPS) MS3 method on the Tribrid mass spectrometer family. Speak to an expert for more information.

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