NanoDrop Family

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Terms and conditions apply to US and Canada only.
Please contact your local NanoDrop distributor to request a free instrument demonstration.

  • This program is limited to the US and Canada. For international customers, please request Thermo Scientific NanoDrop information through your local distributor.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific will pay all shipping costs.
  • The trial period will be one week beginning with the receipt of the instrument.
  • The user will supply a PC (MS Windows 10) to run the instrument software.
  • The NanoDrop One and NanoDrop Lite Plus instruments have local control.
  • The user will supply and confirm that all needed reagents are on hand before an instrument will be shipped.
  • The trial program instrument will be used to test non-radioactive samples only.
  • After the trial period, the user will decontaminate and ship the instrument back to Thermo Fisher Scientific. Shipping instructions are supplied.

If you are interested in a trial instrument and you agree to the above terms, please fill out form below and we will begin the request process immediately.