Process mass spectrometry in biotechnology

Our Thermo Scientific™ Prima family of process mass spectrometers allow for monitoring of gases and volatiles present in applications across biotechnology, including bioenergy, vitamin production, food additives, and calorimetry. Optimize biochemical processes at the forefront of the research lab with the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer, or use the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer to help ensure bulk production in industrial plants.

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Photobioreactor ethanol quantitation and optimization using the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer
Kevin Hettenbach and Kari Paisley-Flango, Joule Unlimited Technologies, Inc., Bedford, MA, USA
Robert Wright, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Winsford, Cheshire, UK

Discover how online mass spectrometry was implemented and developed as a tool to monitor and quantify ethanol vapor productivity from multiple laboratory photobioreactors. The data reports that using the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer significantly reduces process development time for effective strain selection and ethanol productivity optimization. 

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Gas analysis in biotechnology

In this video animation, discover how the Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers are an ideal solution for gas analysis in biotechnology applications, regardless of the scale. 

Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer

Learn about process gas analysis in the lab with the Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer.

Achieve off-gas analysis at the speed of mass spectrometry

Optimize fermentations and cell cultures in biotechnology and biopharma with the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer. Specifically designed for process development laboratories, this process gas analyzer is a highly precise, multi-port magnetic sector gas analyzer.

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Five reasons to use process mass spectrometry in biotechnology

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