Process mass spectrometry in biotechnology

Our Thermo Scientific Prima family of process mass spectrometers allow for monitoring of gases and volatiles present in applications across biotechnology, including bioenergy, vitamin production, food additives, and calorimetry. Optimize biochemical processes at the forefront of the research lab with the Thermo Scientific Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer, or use the Thermo Scientific Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer to help ensure bulk production in industrial plants.

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Gas analysis in biotechnology

Discover how Thermo Scientific process mass spectrometers are an ideal solution for gas analysis in biotechnology applications, regardless of the scale. 

Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer

Learn about process gas analysis in the lab with the Prima BT Benchtop Mass Spectrometer.

Maximize product yield and increase profits with the Prima PRO Process Mass Spectrometer. This online mass spectrometer & process gas analyzer is engineered to meet a number of challenging process applications in the petrochemical, iron and steel, and biotechnology industries. Highly reliable and easy-to-own, the Prima PRO online mass spectrometer delivers faster, more complete, lab quality online gas composition analysis. It features a rugged, fault-tolerant design that ensures availability that exceeds 99.7% and a simplified maintenance procedure and auto-tune capability to facilitate ongoing operation and enhance productivity.

Five reasons to use process mass spectrometry in biotechnology

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