Crosslinking Mass Spectrometry

Crosslinking mass spectrometry has emerged as a powerful technique  to study protein structures, complexes and interactions, which improve our understanding of the roles proteins play in biological systems. Click on the choices below to browse our newest selection of content – from the advances made in mass spectrometry to the advent of cleavable crosslinker chemistry for elucidating molecular details of proteins.

This webinar describes the development of a novel class of MS-cleavable crosslinkers shown to be effective in facilitating the unambiguous identification of crosslinked peptides by mass spectrometry. Watch now.

Crosslinking Reagents Technical Handbook

This crosslinking handbook showcases crosslinking chemistry in an easy-to-follow format designed to convey the important information you need without getting lost in details. This 45-page guide is of value to the novice as well as those who have previous experience with crosslinking reagents.

Fan Liu, PhD, Utrecht University, describes the use of crosslinking mass spectrometry and how it aids in the understanding of protein complexes. A recently developed novel search engine (XlinkX) for cross linking analysis, enabling analysts to search any database of unlimited database size, is also discussed, underscoring that crucial information of the structure and biology of many protein complexes is now within reach.