Simplify rheological QA/QC testing with the Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ Viscotester™ iQ Pharma Application package. Have everything you need at your fingertips to test pharmaceutical liquids, creams and semi-solids. A touchscreen interface simplifies operation and immediately displays the data. Then transfer data via a USB flash drive for further analysis on your computer to complete your sample characterization using Thermo Scientific™ HAAKE™ RheoWin™ software.

Rheology Pharma Application Package

HAAKE Viscotester iQ rheometer

HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer hardware

Be Prepared for Diverse Rheological QA/QC Test Requests 

  • Expand testing flexibility: one rheometer enables standalone or PC-connected measurements, storing 200 test routines to expand measurement options 
  • Change configurations in seconds: Connect Assist for quick coupling of measuring geometries and temperature modules with perfect alignment and automatic recognition for easy exchange 
  • Achieve fast temperature equilibrium: Temperature Assist assures fast ramping with self-sufficient Peltier module to keep test conditions under control 
  • Acquire data in real-time: HAAKE RheoWin software distills sophisticated analysis into easy-to-interpret data on your computer
HAAKE Viscotester iQ software

HAAKE Viscotester iQ Software

Ensure Your Analysis is 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant 

The Windows® PC-based HAAKE RheoWin software not only lets you define advanced test procedures on your desktop computer, but it offers an additional software tool that provides 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with easy step-by-step guidance. Reliably measure the physical properties of your pharmaceutical sample, so that you can keep product in stock or identify when a lot requires further investigation

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262-0001 HAAKE Viscotester iQ Rheometer 222-2190 Gap Setting Tool 098-5062 HAAKE RheoWin 4 Software for Viscotester iQ rheometer
222-2020 Peltier Temperature Module TM-PE-C with Heat Exchanger HXiQ 222-2160 1.0mm caliper 098-5039 CFR 21 part 11 tool for HAAKE RheoWin 4 for Viscotester iQ rherometer
222-1956 Cup CCB25 DIN 222-1892 Lower plate TMP35
222-2125 Rotor CCB25 DIN/Ti 222-2089 Rotor P35/Ti
222-2010 Measuring Plate Insert

* Offer expires September 30, 2017. Offer is valid only in US, Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, and UK.