Rheo/Spectroscopy Raman Special Offer

Hyphenated rheology analysis reveals more in new material development

When and how materials can be combined to maximize the potential of an engineered material or pharmaceutical product is now better understood with in-situ analysis between rheology and spectroscopic analysis.

Easily add rheological analysis to your Thermo Scientific iXR Raman Spectrometer or Thermo Scientific DXR3 Raman Microscope with:

  • Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometer
  • Thermo Scientific RheoRaman Module with necessary accessories


Perform simultaneous rheology and FTIR spectra measurements with your Thermo Scientific Nicolet iS10, iS20 or iS50 FTIR Spectrometer with:

  • Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometer
  • Thermo Scientific Rheonaut Module with necessary accessories

For a limited time save up to 25% on the purchase of:

  • HAAKE MARS 40/60 Rheometer
  • Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin Software
  • RheoRaman or Rheonaut module with related accessories*
  • Upper temperature module with holder for high-temperature option

*Not included: Spectrometer and MARSXR RheoRaman Interface Kit

Save up to 25% until December 15, 2021. 
This promotion is valid in the United States only.


Need more details? Learn more about the benefits of rheometry hyphenated with optical & spectroscopic techniques.
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