Get more out of your SPE sample prep — Unrivaled performance with unique fritless SPE

More reproducibility. More data accuracy. More productivity.

Sample preparation is often inconvenient. On bad days, it’s totally ineffective—resulting in sample failure, costly re-runs and lost time. Put the odds in your favor with Thermo Scientific SOLA Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) cartridges and plates. Award-winning fritless technology eliminates conventional SPE issues like voiding, blocking and channeling. All so that your lab can remove variability, reduce failure rates and optimize high throughput workflows.

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  • SOLA and SOLAμ SPE method development. Consistent excellence for bioanalysis
  • SOLAμ well plate method development. Manifold set-up considerations for micro elution SPE plates
  • SOLAμ peptide clean-up. Clean-up of peptide mixture prior to analysis
  • SOLAμ manifold set-up. Manifold set-up considerations for micro elution SPE well plates
  • SOLAμ positive pressure set-up. Positive pressure manifold set-up considerations

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