Whether you’re discovering new materials, solving analytical problems or assuring product quality, light is a powerful tool for revealing the answers to complex scientific questions. We offer instruments that harness the power of light to analyze physical, biogical, and chemical processes, that impact your research or scientific analyses and get the best results possible.


Molecular Spectroscopy

DXR2xi Raman imaging microscope

Spectroscopic Lab Instruments

Take your ideas to market quickly and keep your company competitive by standardizing materials analysis instruments and software across your organization — from the research department to the factory floor and in the analytical services lab. We help you to:

  • Discover new materials with reproducible data from complementary techniques that allow a better understanding of your sample
  • Solve materials and methods development challenges to improve processes and investigate product defects
  • Assure defects are rejected before they reach your customers and jeopardize your reputation

Minimize the learning curve for instrument operation and data interpretation with consistent technology and software needed to make critical decisions and limit risks. Whether you partner with academia for new materials or transfer methods from your analytical department to quality assurance labs across the globe, reliable data is key to your success.

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Handheld Spectroscopic Instruments

Quickly identify potentially hazardous substances with Thermo Scientific™ portable instruments for solid and liquid chemical identification.

Our fit-for-purpose, lightweight, handheld instruments bring the power of Raman and FTIR spectroscopy directly to the field, enabling EOD technicians, police, military, and hazmat teams to identify a broad range of unknown chemicals, chemical weapons, and explosives. Portable technology helps first responders minimize time on target and make more informed, safe decisions in the hazard zone.

Our handheld narcotics analyzer brings the accuracy and reliability of a lab-proven Raman technology directly to the scene. This analyzer quickly identifies multiple controlled substances without direct contact for most samples to preserve evidence and keep officers safe.

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Biological Analysis

Cell analysis

Nucleic Acid, Protein, and Cellular Analysis Instruments

See how our instruments enable imaging and analysis of tissues, cells, and their components; DNA, RNA, and protein quantitation; studies based on ELISA, luciferase, and many other assays.