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Tomorrow's quantitation provides certainty for complex analysis

Analytical demands are making quantitation more than just quantifying targeted analytes. Today’s quantitation requires both qualitative and quantitative assessment. Screen, identify, and quantify more analytes than ever before with our LC/MS systems, which are ready for today's and tomorrow's quantitation needs. Because tomorrow's quantitation provides certainty for complex analysis today.

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White paper: Which LC/MS system is right for you?

White paper: Which LC/MS system is right for you?

Triple quadrupole (QqQ) and Orbitrap-based high-resolution spectrometry—choose the right tools for the right trade

In this paper we outline the latest developments in both of these MS techniques and highlight the suitability of each for varying application demands and challenges.

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The ability to develop robust and reliable assays with both triple quadrupole (QqQ) and high resolution accurate mass (HRAM) LC/MS systems has made both of these technologies a common choice when it comes to quantitation of analytes in complex matrices. Both QqQ and HRAM technologies offer unique advantages, enabling supreme confidence in the quantitation of a variety of molecule types.

Advantages of HRAM and QqQ LC/MS technologies




Untargeted screening
Targeted screening
Untargeted and targeted quantitation
Targeted quantitation only
Retrospective analysis
= Not applicable = Poor = Good = Better = Best

Which HRAM is right for you?  Which QQQ is right for you?

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