The majority of Thermo Scientific Chromeleon Software installations start with a standalone setup, but over time instruments are added and the software becomes more business critical. A lab can end up with multiple types of instruments, from different vendors, with operators having to contend with numerous software platforms and disconnected workstations. This leads to inefficiencies, such as disparate data, a burden on training, the inability to centralize administration, and an installation that cannot easily expand.

Take advantage of the time-limited offers for Chromeleon Chromatography Data System enabling you to: facilitate a seamless pathway to Enterprise expansion, utilize the power of the unique MS(/MS) capabilities for rich and accurate analyte identification, or just simply get more value at no extra cost.

MS(/MS) license add-on

Make the most of the MS(/MS) capabilities in Chromeleon CDS with great savings on our current add-on licenses – Intact Protein Deconvolution and Non-targeted-MS processing/Biopharma QC package (MAM).

SE to Enterprise license

When considering workstation software, choose one that is more future-proof, compliant, and feature-rich than Chromeleon Single Edition (SE). Get Chromeleon Enterprise licenses for your new Thermo Scientific instrument at no extra cost.

Workstation to Enterprise license

Are you considering enterprise deployment or looking to get more capabilities from your Chromeleon CDS installation? Get a significant discount on a workstation license upgrade and reap the benefits of an easier route for laboratory expansion or take advantage of features such as centralized data storage, centralized administration, and remote working.

These offers end on December 31, 2022. Don’t delay and make the bottom-line decision that your lab will love you for! Offers valid in North and South Americas, Europe, Middle East, and Africa regions only. Complete the form below to get in touch with a Thermo Fisher Scientific sales representative, today!


New Capillary Electrophoresis (CE) driver for Sciex PA 800 Plus

Integrated into Chromeleon Software, this new CE driver provides compliant control of the Sciex™ PA 800 Plus with secure centralized data storage to enhance data security. Improve your lab efficiency with a common user interface and get more from your CE and CDS.

Compatible with Chromeleon 7.2.10 MUd onwards with no update required.

With the  PA 800 Plus system, you can confidently safeguard the success of your biologics, run multiple characterizations from a single system that biopharma labs depend on, and produce qualitative and quantitative analyses with speed and confidence.  


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