Our base Vanquish LC Systems covers a wide range of pressure and flow ranges to meet your analytical and performance requirements. We also offer several application-specific systems to help you tackle more unique separation needs.

Vanquish Core HPLC Systems

Vanquish Flex UHPLC Systems

Vanquish Horizon UHPLC Systems

Vanquish Neo UHPLC System
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Typical applications
A dependable workhorse for your traditional or routine QA/QC analysis. Vanquish Core HPLC Systems empower your operators to deliver continuous results by removing disruptions in analysesGain the flexibility to run HPLC and UHPLC analyses on a single system. Vanquish Flex UHPLC Systems offer you flexible method development to accommodate all applicationsGet unmatched ultra-high performance and throughput for your most difficult samples. Vanquish Horizon UHPLC Systems allow you to run smaller particles and column dimensions with confidenceAchieve your next scientific breakthrough with next-generation low-flow technology. Vanquish Neo UHPLC Systems deliver robust separations 24/7 to support your high-sensitivity LC-MS workflows
Pump options
Binary, Quaternary, Dual and IsocraticBinary, Quaternary and DualBinaryBinary
System pressure
Half circle
Up to 700 bar
3/4 circle
Up to 1000 bar
Full circle
Up to 1500 bar
Full circle
Up to 1500 bar
Flow range
0.001 - 10 mL/min0.001 - 8 mL/min0.001 - 5 mL/min1 nL/min - 100 μL/min
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Application-specific Vanquish LC systems

Our application-specific LC instruments can help you maximize productivity, sample knowledge and purity, or optimize methods. You can build dedicated instruments for specific applications by mixing components of our base Vanquish LC Systems.

Vanquish Duo HPLC & UHPLC Systems

Vanquish Online 2D-LC Systems

Vanquish Analytical Purification LC Systems

Vanquish Method Development System
System feature
Uses a second pump to maximize your productivity or quantification capabilities compared to a single-channel instrumentEmploys multidimensional separations to improve your analysis of complex samples or simplify the separation of difficult-to-resolve analytesCombines precise LC separation powers with high-performance fractionation capabilities to deliver you ultra-pure productsAccelerate and optimize your separation conditions with automation by testing different combinations of buffers on up to six columns
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Choosing Vanquish LC Systems will allow you to maximize productivity,  save over $5K per year on instrument costs, and generate higher-quality results. With components built to last, you can spend less money on unplanned repairs and advance your science beyond today’s boundaries.

Our Vanquish LC Systems offer you:

  • Enhanced, no-compromise performance to keep you ahead of future demands
  • Improved productivity and simple operation to accelerate your work
  • Versatile platforms to open up new analytical opportunities
  • Higher robustness and data quality to help maintain compliance
  • Third-party CDS compatibility to make integrating new technology easier
Vanquish HPLC and UHPLC Systems

See how award-winning HPLC technology from Thermo Fisher Scientific continues to advance the science of separations.

The launch of our Vanquish Horizon UHPLC System in 2014 and subsequent expansion of this portfolio led to a new generation of robust and reliable instruments enabling chromatographers to explore unrealized analytical opportunities. With unmatched reliability and retention time precision, it’s no surprise to hear  how much our customers really do love their Vanquish LC Systems.

Vanquish System testimonial
I love my Vanquish HPLC so much because its performance is so reliable. During the pandemic, we didn't get a chance to work on it, and it was turned off for over a year. But after we returned to the lab, we did quick routine maintenance and injected some QC samples. The retention times of the standards aligned SO WELL with previous QCs. I was absolutely in awe of the reproducibility. I would definitely recommend Vanquish to my colleagues. 
— Harong L. | Academia


My Vanquish UHPLC, named Cynthia, has been a fantastic addition to my lab space. Fast run times, robust methodology, and the ease of use for Chromeleon makes Cynthia a vital part of my lab team!
— Bjorn L. | Beauty Counter

See all the reasons why our customers say I #LoveMyVanquish.

HPLC sustainability

Enabling our customers to make the world healthier, cleaner and safer is at the heart of every colleague at Thermo Fisher Scientific . And thanks to our leadership, we have an actionable science-based plan for the company to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050.

Our most outstanding climate-friendly achievements to date center around the Germering, Germany plant where we develop and manufacture our Vanquish LC Systems. In fact, this location is our FIRST site fully powered by renewable energy!

We aim to accomplish much more than just clean energy at a single site, as you can see in our  net-zero development plan and our  HPLC sustainability fact sheet.

Learn more about our Vanquish LC Systems and application flexibility with our resource tool.
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