Ensure you're getting the best Vanquish UHPLC system performance

Validated for fast UHPLC separation and resolution

Validated for Vanquish UHPLC System

Complement the performance characteristics of your Thermo Scientific Vanquish UHPLC system. Thermo Scientific Accucore Vanquish™ and VANQUISH UHPLC columns provide greater selectivity and format flexibility, with the increased chromatographic efficiency of lower particle sizes.

This enables fast separation and the resolution of complex mixtures. In concert with the Vanquish UHPLC system, these columns deliver more results, with better separations—thereby enhancing workflows and productivity.

Vanquish validated UHPLC columns
Description Particle Size Length Diameter (ID) Catalog #
Accucore Vanquish C18+ 1.5μm 50mm 2.1mm 27101-052130
1.5μm 100mm 2.1mm 27101-102130
1.5μm 150mm 2.1mm 27101-152130
Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH C18 1.9μm 50mm 2.1mm 25002-052130-V
1.9μm 100mm 2.1mm 25002-102130-V
1.9μm 150mm 2.1mm 25002-152130-V
Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH PFP 1.9μm 100mm 2.1mm 25402-102130-V
1.9μm 150mm 2.1mm 25402-152130-V
1.9μm 200mm 2.1mm 25402-202130-V
Hypersil GOLD VANQUISH aQ 1.9μm 100mm 2.1mm 25302-102130-V
1.9μm 150mm 2.1mm 25302-152130-V
1.9μm 200mm 2.1mm 25302-202130-V
Acclaim VANQUISH C18 2.2μm 150mm 2.1mm 071399-V
2.2μm 250mm 2.1mm 074812-V
Acclaim VANQUISH PA2 2.2μm 150mm 2.1mm 071401-V
2.2μm 250mm 2.1mm 074814-V

Pittcon 2015: Vanquish LC Column Stability

Evert-Jan Sneekes discusses using Vanquish columns to control column temperature and stability.