Now is the time to get the accurate quantitation and precision you need from the leader in unbiased label-free data-independent acquisition (DIA) quantitation. Get high-confident and accurate characterization of the differences between biological systems. The Velocity LFQ DIA platform provides:

  • Accurate and precise quantitation
  • High confidence with deep proteome coverage and data completeness
  • High throughput for large sample cohorts reduces time to biological insight
  • Robust platform and workflow solution
  • Wide dynamic range

High-throughput high-resolution DIA workflow for accurate label-free quantitation

High-throughput high-resolution data-independent acquisition workflow for accurate label-free quantitation

For a limited time take advantage of the incredible value pricing and an extended warranty on the Thermo Scientific Vanquish Neo UHPLC system, custom Thermo Scientific µPAC Neo HPLC columns, Thermo Scientific EASY-Spray nano source, award-winning Thermo Scientific Orbitrap Exploris series of mass spectrometers, and the software you need to capture and analyze your data.

Now that you can afford your first choice, why settle for less?

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Power up your lab with flexible financing and pay at your own rate. Get the equipment your laboratory needs with a range of financial solutions and leasing services- from deferred payment plans to leasing options or interest-free financing. Our financing experts can provide a customized payment plan that fits your unique budgetary needs.

  • No-Interest Program — Up to 12 months of interest-free financing.
  • Extended Terms Agreement — Spread out the cost of new instruments by adding up to nine months to your payment window.
  • All-Inclusive Lease Program One convenient monthly payment for equipment, consumables, service agreements and financing.
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