In order to rule your results, you need the right playlist. Our products for DNA, RNA, plasmid, protein, and cell isolation will help you take your prep to the next level. For those about to prep… Prep On!

Meet the scientists who explore their world using sample prep

Testing the World – Ramping Up in the Face of COVID-19

See the stories of the people at Thermo Fisher Scientific Sample Prep business and Bioscience Division who led an unprecedented and inspiring response across the globe to the COVID-19 crisis.

From underground to outerspace: Dr. Christopher Mason's Microbiome Journey

Interview with Dr. Christopher Mason about his journey in microbiome research, from testing samples in the NYC subway system to the international space station.

Mapping the Journey of Dr. Christopher Mason through the world of Microbiome

See the exciting journey through time and space with Dr. Christopher Mason. Learn where it all began and how he has taken his research to space and back.

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  • Protocol Videos—Videos to help you isolate nucleic acids using a variety of techniques.
  • DNA & RNA Selection Guide—Find the right purification products.
  • Videos—View our library of DNA & RNA purification and analysis videos.
  • Application Notes—Explore our application notes from scientists sharing data for isolation products

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