Review the latest advancements in forensic genetics technology discussed at ISFG 2019

Thanks to all who joined our activities during the 28th Congress of the International Society of Forensic Genetics (ISFG) in Prague, 9–13 September 2019.

At our booth, we had the opportunity to meet with forensic experts from across the globe and discuss the Applied Biosystems workflow, spanning the full spectrum of forensic DNA analysis, from sample collection, to extraction and quantification, through STR amplification, analysis and interpretation.

Throughout, we had a special focus on the:

  • Applied Biosystems Precision ID NGS System for Human Identification, with the NDIS validated mitoDNA sequencing panels
  • Applied Biosystems SeqStudio HID Genetic Analyzer, the new 4 capillary CE system
  • Applied Biosystems RapidHIT ID System for Rapid DNA Analysis

Thermo Fisher Scientific also participated throughout the ISFG 2019 programme. You can review the products and download content below.

During our workshop at ISFG 2019, keynote speakers presented their experience with the SeqStudio HID Genetic Analyzer and the RapidHIT ID System.

These new platforms integrate with our complete human identification workflow to help central labs and law enforcement agency partners solve crimes when time and accuracy are critical.

Welcome and introduction to our integrated human identification solutions

Speaker: Rosy Lee,
Vice-President and General manager, Human Identification Business, Thermo Fisher Scientific, San Francisco, US


Internal Validation study of the Applied Biosystems NGM Detect kit

Speaker: Magdalena Marcińska,
Instytut Ekspertyz Sądowych, Krakow, Poland

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The Applied Biosystems NGM Detect kit contains modifications consisting of changing the primers’ sequences, rearrangement of STR markers and increasing DNA input volume. Therefore NGM Detect can be used as a supplemental system for the analysis of challenging samples when incomplete profiles are generated with kits routinely used in forensic practice. Another new feature are two internal quality control markers which allow detecting inhibition and degradation. This study shows validation experiments and results of analysis of challenging samples with the Applied Biosystems NGM Detect and GlobalFiler kits.


Internal validation of RapidHIT ID System in casework samples

Speaker: Ten.Col. CC RT inv. sc. Andrea Berti,
Reparto Carabinieri Investigazioni Scientifiche di Roma – Sezione di Biologia, Rome, Italy

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The RapidHIT ID System is an integrated system, simple-to-use, capable of producing lab-quality forensic DNA profiles in as little as 90 minutes. The system is actually proposed for the analysis of reference samples or high concentrated samples. We started an internal validation in order to accreditate RapidHIT ID System for ISO/IEC 17025. Over 100 samples (mock and real casework) were collected in the lab. The sample set included blood, saliva, semen and touch DNA spotted on different matrix. The samples were processed either with Rapid DNA and standard CE internal procedure. The profiles were compared in terms of accuracy, completeness and sthocastic effects such as drop out or drop in. AT an ST thresholds were also calculated for the Applied Biosystems GeneMapper ID-X analysis using STR-validator software. The results obtained will be shown during the presentation.

We presented a number of projects as part of the ISFG 2019 Scientific Sessions. You can find the details of these below:

Applied Biosystems VeriFIler Plus kit with Internal Quality Control System provides confident answers in challenging forensic samples
Chang Zhong, Robert Green, Wilma Norona, Chris Heid, Angie Lackey, Julio Mulero, Jianye Ge

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Tiled Amplicon Mitochondrial DNA Sequencing using the Precision ID NGS System and Converge Analysis Software: a robust and sensitive assay for forensic casework applications
Lim J, Wootton S, Roth C, Hasegawa R, Chang CW, Vijaychander S, Deng J, Gabriel M, Lackey A, Lagacé R

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Validation and Implementation of Mitochondrial DNA with Massively Parallel Sequencing
J. Chang, M. Gabriel, Carla Paintner, Caron Pruiett, Amy Liberty

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The Applied Biosystems Globalfiler IQC PCR Amplification Kit: a 24-plex STR Casework Kit enhanced by the addition of an Internal Quality Control System
Matthew Ludeman, Robert Green, Vivian Nguyen, Robert Eardley, Marc Short and Julio Mulero

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DNA typing methodologies and strategies
Allison Holt, Matthew Ludeman, Charles Troup, Cevat Akin, Jacklyn Buscaino, Mattias Vangbo

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Analytical Improvements in Biogeographic Ancestry Inference
Wootton S, Vijaychander S, Hasegawa R, Deng J, Lackey A, Gabriel M, Lagacé R, Lim J

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