BiondVax's Journey to Implementing Single-use Fermentation

Learn from BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd about the motivations, considerations and challenges when moving from a stainless steel process to a single-use fermentor. New single-use centrifugation technology and how peptones can be used to further optimise the process is also discussed.

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Implementation and Optimisation of Continuous Perfusion

Watch this on-demand webinar and hear from a panel of industry experts presenting their experiences around continuous perfusion processing.

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Addressing new challenges for large volume mRNA manufacturing

This webinar will provide an industry overview from a leading provider of RNA technology products and discuss products available for the manufacture of mRNA.

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High cell density and perfusion process solutions

Join us for an educational webinar and learn how we successfully implement perfusion processes with our customers across the bioprocess workflow.

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Global Regulators' FAQs on CMC in IND/BLA Filing

Hear from our experts: A retrospective look at past Mycoplasma validation queries and responses

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Validation Guidance for Residual Host Cell DNA Testing

Watch this webinar and learn more about validation of a qPCR assay for residual host cell DNA quantitation.

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Innovations in viral vector development, scale up and production

Watch this educational webinar and learn how recent innovation can help you to significantly push the boundaries of viral vectors productivity and quality. Discover how recent innovation in areas such as cells, media and transfection agents can boost and standardise your process, as illustrated by our lentiviral case study.

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Affinity tags head toward the vaccination clinic

Protein purification is a tricky business. Read the article to find out more on affinity chromatography purification.

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Labtainer Pro BPC extractables profile

Both the quality and purity of the materials chosen to produce Thermo Scientific BioProcess Containers (BPCs) are crucial to the purity and effectiveness of the final vaccines and biologics delivered to the market.

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Labtainer Pro BPC quality and integrity testing

Thermo Scientific Labtainer Pro BPC was developed to meet a variety of bioproduction workflow needs—providing improved ease of use, increased flexibility, and assured quality—without compromise.

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Novel Hydrophobic Interaction Chromatography Resins

Using the POROS resins, a HIC step can be easily implemented resulting in increased yields and reduced processing times through effective and efficient removal of impurities.

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Nunc Cell Factory equipment

Scaling up adherent cell culture can be a difficult process for many vaccine, cell therapy, gene therapy, and viral vector manufacturers. Some cells can alter their properties if they are not cultured in specific conditions. Using multiple tissue culture flasks with the same culture conditions comes with a host of its own concerns, including batch-to-batch inconsistency, increased probability of contamination, and labor intensification.

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Rapid implementation of novel affinity purification

Production processes have become more efficient because common purification processes are being used across structurally similar MAbs during key steps of process development and manufacturing.

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