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With industry insights, technical expertise and discussion on workflow innovations, we explore a variety of topics in the field of bioprocessing through an interactive audience experience. Our subject matter experts will collaborate with you to solve your bioprocessing challenges.

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Upcoming Webinars

Accelerating process scale-up: from benchtop to commercialisation

22nd July, 2021

Learn about single-use hardware and software solutions, considerations for cell culture and upstream processing and process analytics to expedite and optimise your scale-up journey.

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Accelerating process scale-up: from benchtop to commercialisation


On-demand Webinars

19th April, 2021Upstream

BiondVax's Journey to Implementing Single-use Fermentation

Learn from BiondVax Pharmaceuticals Ltd about the motivations, considerations and challenges when moving from a stainless steel process to a single-use fermentor. New single-use centrifugation technology and how peptones can be used to further optimise the process is also discussed.

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11th March, 2021Cell Culture

Cell Culture Process Optimisation, Manufacturing and Security of Supply

Learn how to accelerate your time-to-market by optimising your media, partnering with a robust media manufacturer and securing your supply chain in this Knowledge Culture webinar.

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22nd October, 2020Upstream

Implementation and Optimisation of Continuous Perfusion

Watch this on-demand webinar and hear from a panel of industry experts presenting their experiences around continuous perfusion processing.

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24th September, 2020Vaccines

Addressing new challenges for large volume mRNA manufacturing

This webinar will provide an industry overview from a leading provider of RNA technology products and discuss products available for the manufacture of mRNA.

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03rd September, 2020Upstream

High cell density and perfusion process solutions

Join us for an educational webinar and learn how we successfully implement perfusion processes with our customers across the bioprocess workflow.

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09th July, 2020Cell & Gene Therapy

A journey to Cell Therapy manufacturing: from R&D to lot-release

Join us in this educational webinar and learn key points to consider when developing your cell therapy processes.

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07th May, 2020Upstream

Vaccines Upstream Innovations Webinar

Learn how to benefit from recent technology advances to develop or improve your vaccine’s upstream bioprocess, either microbial or animal cells based.

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07th May, 2020Downstream

Vaccines Downstream Innovations Webinar

Learn how to benefit from recent technology advances to develop or improve your vaccine’s downstream bioprocess, either microbial or animal cells based.

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30th April, 2020Single-use Bioprocessing

Next level innovation in Single-use bioreactors

Listen to this exclusive technology on-demand webinar where you will hear from the Thermo Fisher technical team presenting on design aspects for the HyPerforma DynaDrive Single-use bioreactor.

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