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Automated cell counters

Invitrogen Countess benchtop instruments

Experience the convenience and power of our automated cell counters designed to meet the needs of any lab. Each compact instrument offers advanced algorithms to allow you to quickly and accurately count cells from the bench while avoiding user variation normally associated with traditional cell counting.

  • Accuracy—intelligent algorithm with autofocus and auto-lighting eliminates subjectivity in cell counting
  • Time savings—counts cells in a matter of seconds
  • Ease of use—all models are ready to adopt and use right out of the box

Invitrogen Countess benchtop instruments

  • No oculars to clean or become contaminated
  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Preset protocols for specific cell types offer less contact
  • Disposable slides offer added convenience and safety
  • Fully sealed casing allows easy cleaning with 70% EtOH solution
  • Compact size—for personal use or use in a biosafety cabinet
  • Allows easy movement in and out of shared lab spaces to accommodate physical distancing


Invitrogen Qubit benchtop instruments

Get the power of efficiency and accuracy with our Qubit fluorometers, designed to quickly and easily quantify DNA, RNA, or protein. Super-compact size—just plug and play, right out of the box.

  • Power and sensitivity—designed for accuracy at low concentrations
  • Time savings—Qubit Flex accurately measures up to eight samples simultaneously
  • Ease of use—intuitive and instructional interface guides you through the steps

Invitrogen fluorometers

  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Fully sealed casing allows easy cleaning with 70% EtOH solution
  • Compact size—for personal use or use in a biosafety cabinet
  • Allows easy movement in and out of shared lab spaces to accommodate physical distancing
  • WiFi connected to Thermo Fisher Cloud; no USB or paper transfer in and out of lab

Microplate readers

Discover the power of reliable data with our dependable and versatile line of Thermo Scientific microplate readers. Our benchtop detection instruments offer powerful flexibility, performance, and speed for a variety of microplate assays.

  • Power—ideal for multiuser environments where a variety of assay types are run
  • Time savings and versatility—adaptable for a broad range of applications and assays
  • Ease of use—automated smart features that operate in multiple languages

Thermo Scientific microplate spectrophotometer

  • Touchscreen is designed to be liquid-proof for easy and thorough decontamination
  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Measurements can be done using lids or seals, enabling less exposure to samples
  • Compact size—for personal use or use in a biosafety cabinet
  • Allows easy movement in and out of shared lab spaces to accommodate physical distancing
  • Compatible with robotic integration, so experiments can be run without human contact

Thermo Scientific SkanIt Software for microplate readers

  • Automatic measurement parameter settings help you get it right the first time, minimizing time needed to handle samples
  • Automatic adjustment of plate movement speeds enables minimal risk for sample spilling
  • Experiments can be designed and tested in the office or from home without requiring instrument and sample contact
  • Data analysis can be performed from your office or home by transferring the data to network or cloud services
  • Accessible through a personal PC to design, run, and analyze experiments, eliminating the need to use shared lab PCs

Western blotting instruments and devices

Invitrogen iWestern workflow bundles

The iWestern workflow benchtop bundle consists of compact devices designed to address processing efficiency, reproducibility, and robustness of results to help achieve exceptional western blotting results with minimal hands-on time.

The standard iWestern workflow bundle contains:

  • Bolt Welcome Pack (including Mini Gel Tank)
  • iBlot 3 Starter Kit
  • iBind Western Starter Kit
  • iBright FL1500 Imaging System
  • PowerEase Touch 600W Power Supply

Custom bundles can be configured based on your needs. Try our BlotBuilder tool to help guide you on product selection.

Invitrogen iBlot 3 Dry Blotting System

  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Premade consumables require less hands-on assembly and cleanup time

Invitrogen iBind Western Device

  • Load primary antibody, secondary antibody, wash solutions and walk away
  • Fewer hands-on steps than with manual blot processing, reducing number of contact points

iBright Imaging Systems

  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Utilizes multiple automated features, including: auto-zoom, auto-focus, auto-sample rotation, and automatic Smart Exposure auto-exposure, which speed up image capture, minimize time and hands-on input needed for optimizing imaging settings before capture
  • Desktop and cloud-based analysis software allow users to analyze post-image capture results at personal spaces/desks, or even at home
  • Account management feature saves user-specific settings to reduce setup time

Cell imaging benchtop microscopes

Invitrogen EVOS digital imaging systems

Powerful EVOS digital microscopes allow you to capture publication-quality images and data with just a few clicks. The EVOS line of products are versatile, compact and ideal for a broad range of imaging applications at an exceptional value.

  • Power and accuracy—automated functionality with little to no contact
  • Time savings—quick, publication-quality results without warm up or cool down
  • Ease of use—no maintenance, assembly, alignment, or calibration

Invitrogen EVOS digital imaging systems

  • Affordable price point—ideal for an individual lab, rather than using a core facility
  • Integrated casing design makes instruments easy to wipe down
  • Semi-automatic functionality for less manual contact
  • LCD screen, rather than ocular eliminates risk of touching microscope with eyes and face
  • Compact size—ideal for use in a biosafety cabinet
  • Allows easy movement in and out of shared lab spaces to accommodate physical distancing

PCR thermal cyclers

Applied Biosystems ProFlex PCR System

The ProFlex PCR System combines reliability and performance with the flexibility of five block options. Maximize your throughput with interchangeable block formats and flexible control features that fit how you work today (and tomorrow) in the lab.

  • Accuracy—superior temperature control and accuracy for each step
  • Efficiency and safety—remotely accessible by multiple users at the same time
  • Versatility—five interchangeable block formats to maximize your throughput

PCR thermal cyclers

  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Compact size—for personal use at the bench or use in a biosafety cabinet
  • Cloud-enabled for secure, remote access to: design and share protocols, schedule an instrument, start/stop a run, and check run status
  • Access with Thermo Fisher Connect, giving you the freedom to upload your methods and monitor runs from any smartphone or desktop computer
  • Fleet Control Software for lab managers to monitor instrument inventory, run methods, and allow technician access without entering the lab

Nucleic acid electrophoresis

Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap Electrophoresis Systems

Discover the unique power of integrated precast gel running and imaging platforms that simplify the nucleic acid electrophoresis workflow.

  • Integrated capabilities—load sample, run, and visualize bands on one device
  • Time savings—less than 15 minutes from sample loading to image-capture
  • Safer analysis—eliminate use of hazardous ethidium bromide with SYBR safe E-Gels that are safer for DNA samples and the environment
  • Flexibility of throughput—analyze 11, 22, 48, or 96 samples at a time
  • Accuracy—high resolution, real-time imaging

Invitrogen E-Gel Power Snap System

  • Touchscreens can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Less hazardous, SYBR safe E-Gel system
  • Preset protocols for specific cell types offer less contact
  • Compact size—for personal use or use in a biosafety cabinet

Sample preparation

Thermo Scientific KingFisher system

Experience the most versatile, compact sample preparation instrument in the lab. The KingFisher instruments automate the extraction of DNA, RNA, protein, and cells by moving magnetic beads (not liquids), leading to clean extractions and consistent results.

  • Versatility—open system enables more applications than any other sample preparation instruments on the market
  • Time-savings—helps to reduce manual steps and overall processing time
  • Ease of use—simple workflows and easy-to-follow protocols for nearly every downstream application or sample type

Thermo Scientific KingFisher system

  • Compact size—for personal use or use in a biosafety cabinet
  • Easy to install and run (ready to run in ten minutes or less)
  • Control panel can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Reduced steps increase consistency and minimizes your hands-on time in the lab
  • Efficient throughput processing of 6–12 samples per run
  • Built-in UV lamps make decontamination standard
  • Preset protocols or easily customized protocols using BindIt Software offer less contact


Invitrogen Neon NxT Electroporation System

Save valuable research time and samples with the compact electroporation platform designed and engineered for performance, flexibility, speed, and simplicity. The reliable power of its proprietary, biologically compatible pipette tip chamber generates a more uniform electric field for a significant increase in efficiency and cell viability in difficult to transfect cell lines including immune, primary and stem cells.

  • Performance—Achieve >90% efficiency & >95% cell viability in >150 mammalian cell lines 
  • Flexibility—Precisely optimize electroporation parameters to deliver DNA, RNA, or protein in as little as 2 x 10⁴ cells to as much as 6 x 10⁶ cells per reaction
  • Time-saving—Plug-n-play out of the box, and transfect cells quickly with 3-step workflow, a single buffer kit and intuitive user interface
  • Preserve sample—Minimize sample transfer loss and contamination risk of valuable cells with unique and compact electroporation instrument design

Try our helpful Transfection protocol & citation library to find the most appropriate protocol for your application.

Invitrogen Neon NxT Electroporation System

  • Touchscreen can be operated with single-finger, gloved hands
  • Sealed shell allows easy cleaning with 70% EtOH solution or alcohol wipes
  • Preset protocols for specific cell types offer less contact
  • Compact size—for personal use or use in a biosafety cabinet
We value your personal safety

Benchtop lab instruments from Thermo Fisher Scientific, designed by researchers for researchers, with built-in features to help minimize your risk in the lab.

Human-to-human transmission safety features across the benchtop instrument offering:

  • Compact, benchtop instrument sizes: ideal for using in a biosafety cabinet and allow easy movement in and out of shared lab spaces to accommodate social distancing
  • Affordable price-points: purchase multiple, personal units to minimize sharing
  • Automated controls, on-screen displays and touch screens: easy to operate with single-finger, gloved hand
  • Fully sealed casings: easily disinfect by wiping down with regular use of ethanol solution (70% EtOH) without harming internal mechanisms, external surfaces or knobs
  • No oculars to look through: no need to remove protective eyewear
  • Cloud-enabled, remote access to data: upload data to share with others or retrieve and access data outside of the lab to reduce exposure
  • Global remote support services, such as: augmented reality, new instrument set up and “Rescue Lens” troubleshooting from our global service support team


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