Our Biorepository Innovatio demo facility illustrates the power and scope of Thermo Fisher Scientific’s solutions and services.  Biobankers can walk through sample receipt to distribution to research and experience innovative, proven solutions in a working biorepository.

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→ Samples are physically received into the repository
→ Sample integrity pf of biospecimens is maintained at every point


→ Samples are registered into Thermo Scientific SampleManager LIMS using unique 1D or 2D barcode
→ Matrix barcoded tubes can be accessioned via semi-automated or fully-automated platforms


→ Sample storage location identified
→ Full range of cold storage equipment solutions are available to meet cryopreservation and sample storage needs
→ Cold storage units are temperature monitored 24 hours a day by Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue. Our comprehensive temperature monitoring system and equipment has redundant compressors to prevent temperature excursions


→ Samples are scanned out of SampleManager LIMS when they are ready to leave the biorepository and verified via several quality checkpoints
→ Samples packaged to individual client specifications



→ The appropriate logistics plan, transport containers, and chain-of-custody, taking into account the type of samples and their intended use, are vital to regulate sample temperature during transportation
→ Smart-Vue sensors protect the quality of your samples, and facilitate regulatory compliance by continuously monitoring and reporting temperature conditions

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