Break the glass habit with Nalgene Labware

Break the glass habit and switch to plastic

Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ products are the smart choice for your lab because they are:

  • Shatterproof—preventing injury and loss
  • Safe—no chipped or sharp edges to cut yourself on
  • Lighter than glass and easier to handle
  • Cost effective—no need to replace broken glass
  • More dependable—providing years of safe use
  • Recyclable—for many of our plastic labware products

It's easy to break the glass habit!  

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Tools to help you break the habit

Nalgene Bottle and Carboy Selection App

Our Apple™ iPhone™ and Android™ apps help you choose the best Nalgene Bottles, Carboys, and Vials for your needs.

  • Simply type in the Nalgene catalog number or search by criteria
  • Quickly and easily choose from nearly 700 containers
  • View the product and specifications in detail
  • Save search results to 'MyLab' for future reference
Nalgene Bottle and Carboy Selection App

Online Container Selector Guide

It's easy to take for granted the containers you entrust with your valuable samples and solutions. But not all bottles are created equal. Nalgene is the #1 choice, with more than 3,000,000 safely at work in laboratories around the world. This guide will help you to select a container matching your needs.

Online selector guide ›

Full Line of Nalgene Labware Products
 Thermo Scientific Laboratory Consumables Catalog

Additional assets

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  • Break the Glass Habit Brochure
  • Bottle and Carboy Selection Guide
  • Request a Plastic Properties Reference Chart Magnet

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