Cancer Research Foundation

Congratulations to the Cancer Research Foundation grant recipients

Thank you to everyone who applied for the Thermo Fisher Scientific Cancer Research Foundation grants. Every day, cancer continues to devastate lives, so there is little room for waste or error in cancer research, which is why we launched this initiative to offer customers access to our most innovative technologies.

We are grateful to be able to partner with researchers to evolve more quickly than this tenacious disease and are happy to announce the winners of our latest grants.

Grant winners

Real-time PCR/gene expression

Dr. Konrad Kubiński

Dr. Konrad Kubiński from The John Paul II Catholic University of Lublin, Poland

“Winning the Cancer Research Foundation Grant will induce a new branch of the research that is conducted at my lab. The QuantStudio 3 Real-Time PCR System I won will be employed in the project aimed at exploration of the genetic interactions between human cancer and fungi cells. On the one hand the device will improve our scientific facilities, and on the other hand it will be used during lab classes with biotechnology students.”

Protein analysis

Professor Veronica Noe

Professor Veronica Noe from the University of Barcelona

“Winning this grant from Thermo Fisher Scientific will have a significant impact on my ongoing research project. I am interested in evaluating the different Estrogen Receptor alpha proteins that could emerge from the different RNA variant for this gene in several breast cancer cells.  This characterization by Western blot assays could help us understand the different sensitivity of breast tumors to antiestrogens and set up the basis for a more specific therapy depending on the expressed variants.”

Apply for upcoming grants

For those who did not win a cancer research grant this time, we encourage you to apply for the next round of grants. Every three months we offer new research area bundles, so bookmark the main grant page and keep an eye out for new opportunities to apply for grants that fit your research needs.