When every minute is crucial to the safety and effectiveness of a vaccine, don’t settle for less when it comes to service and support for your vaccine cold storage. Unity Lab Services’ engineers and technical support team have specialized knowledge and expertise when it comes to maintaining your Thermo Scientific cold storage equipment. From priority 24/7 call support to our on-site response commitment, you’ll have the confidence you need to ensure the cold storage equipment in your facility is running smoothly.

Protect critical COVID-19 vaccines

Are you storing and distributing the COVID-19 vaccine? Let Unity Lab Services help protect critical COVID-19 vaccines with the Unity Lab Services COVID Total Care service plan. Available as a warranty upgrade for newer equipment or post-warranty for older equipment, you’ll receive the following:

✓ Priority 24/7 phone support for COVID-19 vaccine storage providers
✓ Fast troubleshooting, diagnosis, and remote resolution*
✓ Two-business-day, on-site target for corrective maintenance and repairs
✓ Comprehensive remote monitoring to meet DDL requirement**
✓ Auto notification to technical support professionals for proactive resolution***
✓ Annual preventive instrument maintenance for increased uptime
✓ Loaner equipment for use as available
✓ Health check to verify equipment is running to specification
✓ Unlimited priority access to OEM-trained and certified lab equipment technicians
✓ Calibration and temperature mapping services available

*Unavailable in some countries
**Available in select cities
***Available for devicelink enabled TSX ULT Freezers.

Frequently Asked Questions

→ ULT Freezers are designed to operate between -50°C and -80°C. They are “tuned” to operate most efficiently between -70°C and -80°C since this is the most common customer operating temperature. Running at warmer temperatures will create more internal temperature swings since the system will be turning on and off more often.

→ Connect your freezer in five easy steps. The connectivity mechanism in your Thermo Scientific Ultra-Low-Temperature Freezer works with most enterprise networks and is designed to be set up in minutes.

→ -30°C units are auto defrost units. We recommend operating at -30°C for a -20°C requirement as there will be slight increases in temperature during the defrost cycle. The units are designed with a smart defrost system to minimize fluctuations, however, there will be some slight increase.

→ Check the set points and alarms set points for your unit. Factory settings are recommended to allow for temperature fluctuation before alarms are triggered.
→ Minimize the amount of door openings and time of door openings.
→ Maintain a full freezer. If the racks in your freezer aren’t full, use styrofoam blocks to stabilize temperature.

→ Refer to the user’s manual for HID card programming.

→ Call Unity Lab Services technical support for fastest assistance for your unit. 

→ Keep it clean
→ A full freezer is a happy freezer
→ Stay ahead of frost and ice
→ Defrost annually
→ Have a plan

→ Completely clean the unit if it has been in storage.
→ Inspect the unit for any issues with the door seals and alignment. 
→ Plug in the unit and allow it to pull the temperature down. 
→ Once the unit is down to it’s set point, let it operate for a couple of days to ensure all systems are correctly operating prior to introducing samples.
→ Once the unit is determined it is operating properly, it should be loaded one shelf at a time, starting at the top.

→ 24/7 Technical Support Help
 Technical support during business hours Monday through Friday, call +1 800-532-4752.

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