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For 40 years, researchers have trusted the Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™, Nunc™ and Matrix™ portfolio for safe sample storage, even in the harshest cryopreservation conditions. Our Thermo Scientific™ Cryotube™ products are designed, engineered and manufactured with quality in mind. 

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Sample storage tubes and accessories

Nalgene & Nunc Manual Cryotubes


Available in internal or external thread designs with a variety of bottom options and barcoding.

Nunc Barcoded Storage Tube


In sizes 0.5mL to 5.0mL, choose from barcoded or non-barcoded, in snap racks or latch racks, compatible with low throughput sample tracking systems.

Nunc Barcoded Storage Tube


For higher throughput sample tracking, compatible with automation equipment, cappers and barcode readers.


Ensure optimal sample storage with our accessory products designed to help you protect and locate your stored sample.

8 cold facts about Thermo Scientific sample storage


Whether you're looking for the best way to protect the integrity of your cryogenic samples for decades, or need to ramp up lab productivity by automating your process, Thermo Scientific cryoware solutions will help you get there faster.

And colder.

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Thermo Scientific cryo tubes outperform all others cold: 
  1. Dependable, high-quality options for every application
  2. A broad range of internal and external-threaded tubes from 1 to 5 mL
  3. A 30-year track record of safely storing cryogenic samples
  4. Sterile to SAL 10-6
  5. Made from non-cytotoxic, nonmutagenic raw materials
  6. Higher contrast 2D barcodes in automation-friendly racks
  7. Created from high-quality resins and more highly certified
  8. Double your storage space using existing storage boxes

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