With the rapid growth of biobanking, infectious disease research and development, cancer research and molecular diagnostics, storing valuable samples is more important than it has ever been within the scientific community.

Thermo Scientific Matrix Storage Tubes are designed to keep your sample secure and feature permanent high-contrast 2D, 1D linear, and human readable barcodes, offering three levels of identification to reliably track valuable samples.

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tri-code tubes and tower

Sample Quality you can Trust

• Robust, proven construction resists physical damage in automation workflow
• Integrated gasket achieves effective seal in sub-optimal capping situations
• Produced in cGMP manufacturing facilities; ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified
• Available sterile off-the-shelf, DNAse-, RNAse-, PCR inhibitor and Human DNA free

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tri-code tubes and tower

Reliable Identification

• 1D and human readable barcodes on side match unique 2D barcode on bottom
• Lifetime sample identification with permanently adhered, laser-etched 2D barcode
• Consistent, high-quality barcodes provide assurance samples will be readable in a variety of environmental conditions

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Introduce automation into your workflow and boost lab productivity.

Whether you are seeking to improve speed and efficiency with a single processing task or across the workflow, we offer a selection of equipment to help meet your needs. Depending  on your throughput, select from manual or automated equipment for capping/decapping tubes and vials as well as reading barcodes.

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Need proof automation can boost productivity in your lab?

Read our case study: Investigating the labeling workflow and incorporation of automation for increased collaboration.



Learn how automation can drive:

  • A 25% increase in throughput
  • A 50% reduction in mistakes
  • A 272% increase in likelihood of tracking valuable samples
    through the workflow and long term storage.

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