Offering you flexibility for all your Thermo Scientific™ molecular biology workflow needs. From DNA and RNA sample preparation, analysis, and storage to PCR to liquid handling, we offer complete solutions with instruments, reagents, and consumables. To learn more information about the molecular biology workflow, visit the resource library below.


  • Outstanding capacity, performance, and ease-of-use in a remarkably small footprint
  • Auto-Lock™ rotor exchange provides secure push-button application versatility
  • Lightweight and durable performance from Fiberlite™ carbon fiber rotors
  • One-handed, sample protection with ClickSeal™ biocontainment lids, certified by Public Health England, Porton Down, UK

Cold storage

  • Storage of reagents and kits (qPCR, extraction buffers, primers, etc.) that require stable temperatures and conditions for maximum efficacy
  • Multiple storage capacities and configurations to meet customer needs
  • Models come standard with easy-to-read displays, multiple alarms, access ports, and remote monitoring for sample security and peace of mind
  • Multiple options and accessories available, including enzyme bins, extra shelves, and 4–20 mA outputs
  • Glass doors are standard on many models, allowing for easy reagent/kit/sample identification and retrieval
  • Manual defrost freezer available in enzyme storage configuration

GeneJET nucleic acid purification kits

  • Spin columns with trusted silica membrane technology
  • Isolate DNA and RNA with superior purity
  • High yields from various sources
  • DNA and RNA ready to use in downstream applications
  • Cost-effective price/prep

KingFisher product family

  • Automated and flexible systems with optimized DNA/RNA kits
  • Wide range of sample types including blood, serum, cells, tissues, and plant material can be used
  • Excellent performance and reproducibility
  • Walk-away solutions for any throughput needs

Multiskan GO Microplate Spectrophotometer

  • Ideal for DNA/RNA, ELISA, enzyme assays, and more
  • Reads microplates, cuvettes, and the μDrop™ Plate for microliter-scale measurements
  • Stand-alone or PC control in multiple languages
  • Automation compatible

NanoDrop One/OneC Microvolume UV Spectrophotometer

  • Micro-volume sample size (1–2 μL)
  • Superior accuracy and reproducibility
  • Fast and easy: Pipette sample onto the pedestal, measure, and wipe clean
  • Cuvette option for a complete solution
  • User-friendly software with preconfigured methods
  • Custom method capability

Piko and Arktik thermal cyclers

  • Piko™ Thermal Cycler—Time, reagent, space, and energy savings with the highest performance. PCR in as little as 15 minutes. Green PCR with reduced energy consumption and plastic waste.
  • Arktik™ Thermal Cycler—Reliability and flexibility with interchangeable blocks (48/48, 96, and 384) and gradient function.

PCR and qPCR reagents

  • High-fidelity and routine DNA polymerases, kits, and master mixes (Phusion™, Phire™, DreamTaq™)
  • Probe and SYBR Green qPCR master mixes for fast and standard qPCR (DyNAmo™, Luminaris™, and Maxima™)
  • Reverse transcriptases and kits for first strand cDNA synthesis, RT-PCR, and RT-qPCR (Maxima and RevertAid™)

PikoReal Real-Time PCR System

  • Compact, high-performance qPCR instrument enabling savings in the running costs
  • Easy-to-use software with unrestricted access and virtual pipetting tool
  • Green qPCR with reduced energy consumption and plastic waste

Pipettes and pipette tips

ClipTip™ interlock pipetting system offers:

  • Secure tip attachment 
  • Lowest tip attachment and ejection forces 
  • An airtight seal on every channel 
  • Consistent, accurate data for higher quality results
  • Available in manual and electronic pipette models for use with ClipTip pipette tips:
    • F1-ClipTip manual pipettes
      • Remarkably lightweight, ergonomics design
      • Industr- leading lifetime warranty with web registration
    • E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes
      • Electronic tip ejection and index finger pipetting action minimize thumb strain
      • Adjustable tip spacing speeds up sample transfer between different labware formats

Versette Automated Liquid Handler

  • User interchangeable 96- and 384-channel pipetting heads with a total volume 0.5–300 μL
  • Optimized performance with selection of D.A.R.Ts™ tips, which provides unique sealing properties
  • User-friendly programming options with icon-based onboard touch screen or Versette™ ControlMate™ PC software
  • Space-saving compact design with dual-level deck configuration

Automated Nucleic Acid Extraction WorkStation

  • Based on KingFisher Flex-based magnetic separation technology
  • Non-contact dispensing of all reagents and buffers
  • Top-layer software that communicates and controls all instruments in the system
  • Works with a wide variety of Thermo Scientific equipment including aspirators, movers, grinding station, and more

Orbitor Microplate Mover

  • Reliable benchtop automation
  • Flexible plate handling: deep well, lids, stacked or random access storage
  • Safe: collision and plate sensing stops the mover
  • Easy to use: computer operated, wizards guide you through teaching

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