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There from the start and still your trusted partner, we've combined the best of I-Chem™ and EP Scientific™ products into Thermo Scientific™ Environmental Sample Containers, designed to meet or exceed EPA requirements for soil and sample collection.

Environmental Samples Promo Cooler

Now through August 31, 2016, purchase $600* worth of products from the new Thermo Scientific™ Environmental Sample Container catalog and get a free 48qt. Coleman™ chest cooler.

*POs may be combined. See promotion details. Restrictions apply.

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Limit 3 offers per lab location. Offer ends December 31, 2015. Redemptions and proof of purchase must be submitted by January 15, 2016.

Choosing quality sample containers just got easier

Download the new Thermo Scientific Environmental Sample Container catalog, where you’ll find a complete offering of all the containers you need from certified clean containers to unassembled containers and caps ready for your own preparation procedures.

Simplify your purchasing process and maximize vendor discounts

Consolidate container orders with your other lab supplies when you order Thermo Scientific Environmental Sample Containers through your regular lab supply vendors. There are more than 40 authorized national and regional dealers to choose from.