What's on display at the booth?

Stop by our booth #438 and see how we can help you to meet your personal goals in your genetic analysis work. 

We’re inviting you to come into our sequencing music studio.  It’s Sanger sequencing like you’ve never seen or heard before with Big Dyes and Big Tunes. Have some fun with us and see how you can put your personal spin on Sanger sequencing.

See the state-of-the-art technology in human genetics research:



Cancer genomics

Come and see our next generation sequencing solutions in liquid biopsy, solid tumour and inherited cancer research. See the newest additions to our Oncomine™ portfolio; multi-biomarker targeted assays designed for cancer research including TaqMan® liquid biopsy assays for highly sensitive validation of rare mutations using digital PCR.   

Looking  for biomarkers in cancer research?  Our technologies include high throughput transcriptome profiling on microarrays, pathway analysis, and single gene sequencing or expression analysis with Ion AmpliSeq™ RNA technology.



Reproductive genomics research

For fast, low-cost-per-sample cytogenetic analysis, take a look at the CytoScan™ HD microarray technology and new ChAS 3.2 Software.  This is the latest in chromosomal analysis that can detect aneuploidy, micro-deletions or insertions from blood-derived DNA samples and is the state-of- the-art for cytogenetics laboratories.

Fast and cost effective chromosomal analysis of pre-implantation embryos is now possible using Ion ReproSeq™ PGS solution with next generation sequencing.  Talk to us to see how to set it up. 

Inherited diseases research

See our range of solutions for single sample analysis using the latest Applied Biosystems™ capillary electrophoresis genetic analysers, to multiplex gene panels using Ion Torrent™ next generation sequencing and fast, high throughput, cost-efficient genotyping solutions with our family of Applied Biosystems™ QuantStudio™ qPCR systems.  We have some surprises. Come and see what’s new.

Functional evaluation

Talk to us about the latest in functional analysis tools and techniques such as CRISPR and TALEN-mediated genome editing.  See how you can efficiently perform sequence confirmation technology in your own lab – from PCR, qPCR to Sanger sequencing by capillary electrophoresis.

Automated sample preparation for nucleic acid or protein purification

The latest in automated liquid handling robotics and sample preparation to make your lab hum: 

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New products to enable discovery of de novo and germline mutations (Sunday 28th May)

New CRISPR technologies that enable your functional genetic research (Monday 29th May)

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