Product Innovations and Promotional Offers for Your Lab

Product Innovations and Promotional Offers for Your Lab

Learn more about our new laboratory equipment, consumables and services and have a look at our current promotional offers in the latest edition of our "Have a Look!" brochure.

Take advantage of the benefits: make your daily work easier and more efficient with our product innovations and save money with our special offers on high-quality products for your lab.

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Thermo Scientific™ Medifuge™ Small Benchtop Centrifuge

•  Perform both your routine clinical and life science applications with one versatile centrifuge
•  Unique Thermo Scientific™ DualSpin™ rotor with interchangeable fixed angle and swinging buckets
•  Large, brightly-lit display and fast one-click lid closure
•  Small footprint and quiet operation (< 56 dBA)

Sorvall Centrifuge

Thermo Scientific™ Sorvall™ BIOS 16 Centrifuge for reliable, high-throughput bioprocessing

•  Unique 8 x 2,000 mL capacity accommodating innovative wide-mouth bottles
•  Innovative features to optimize operations
•  Real-time run monitoring and control with Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Vue™ application
•  Designed to assist with GMP/GLP compliance with data logging and easy-to-use Thermo Scientific™ Centri-Log™ Plus data collection software


Thermo Scientific™ Heraeus™ Cryofuge™ 8 and 16 Bloodbanking Centrifuges

•  Simplified operation and enhanced ergonomics
•  Quick run set-up and standardization
•  Unique 16 x 500 mL blood bag capacity
•  Full GMP/GLP traceability and compliance


Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Electronic Pipettes with My Pipette Creator Application

•  Create and share programs
•  Download pre-programmed protocols
•  Transfer programs to and from your pipette via a Bluetooth or USB connection


Thermo Scientific™ Varioskan™ LUX Multimode Reader: Simplified versatility for a range of applications

•  Modular design with up to 5 measurement technologies: Absorbance, Fluorescence, Luminescence, Time-resolved Fluorescence and AlphaScreen / AlphaLISA
•  Automated features and smart safety controls provide excellent usability
•  Simplified data analysis and exporting


Thermo Scientific™ TSX Series -80°C Freezer: A better environment inside and out

•  New V-drive technology delivers leading sample protection
•  Up to 50% savings on energy use
•  Natural refrigerants and a whisper-quiet operation
•  NEW: 2 sizes with 548L or 815L volume for 400 or 600 standard 2" cryboxes


Thermo Scientific™ Forma™ Steri-Cycle CO2 Incubators: Designed to achieve your next breakthrough

•  Enhanced simplicity with Thermo Scientific™ iCAN™ Touchscreen Interface
•  Exclusive Thermo Scientific™ Steri-Run™ high temperature sterilization cycle with 180°C on all chamber surfaces
•  Advanced HEPA filter technology protects your cultures
•  NEW: 2 sizes with 255 or 165L capacity

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Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ High Density Cell Factory™ Systems for higher productivity

•  30 % more surface area within the standard Nunc Cell Factory system footprint
•  More output in a single process run
•  Reduced decontamination and waste disposal costs


Thermo Scientific™ Decapper 500 and Decapper 550

•  Automated decapping and capping of Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ and Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Tubes with screw top closures in ANSI racks
•  Quick Switch Technology for medium to high throughput laboratories
•  Permits vertical and horizontal rack placement
•  The Decapper 550 includes a built-in barcode reader, eliminating the need for additional instruments


Thermo Scientific™ VisionMate™ Wireless Barcode Reader

•  Versatile sample tracking instrument decoding 2D and linear barcodes, as well as QR codes
•  Utilizes Bluetooth™ technology to allow mobility in the lab, cold room or in the field
•  Direct input into a paired workstation, LIMS or portable device


Thermo Scientific™ Eutech™ Expert Series Waterproof Testers

•  Ideal solutions for accurate, on-the-go measurement of pH and conductivity/TDS/salinity
•  Large 4 digit double line display
•  Easy to operate and intuitive user interface


  For the entire list of new products see the Have a Look brochure.



Thermo Scientific™ Heratherm™ Refrigerated Incubators

•  Temperature range +5°C to +70°C
•  Peltier technology saves up to 84% energy and does not require any refrigerants or other hazardous substances
•  Available in 2 sizes: benchtop model (178L) and a floor model with casters (381L)

Learn from our Smart Note why are Peltier incubators the ideal incubators for labs aiming to be environmentally focused compared to conventional compressor units.
Equalizer Pipette

Upgrade your old pipette now and receive up to 34% off a NEW Thermo Scientific™ F1-ClipTip™ or Thermo Scientific™ E1-ClipTip™ Pipette!

Our enhanced models provide added features designed to improve user comfort and productivity.

Valid until 31st December 2017

Thermo Scientific™ KingFisher™ Presto Sample Purification System - ideal for automation

Learn more about the advantages of the KingFisher Presto as a part of an automated purification system in our video.


Exhaust Options Available for a Class II Biological Safety Cabinet (EN 12469)

The Class II BSC is available in three options of exhaust. It can be either recirculating, thimble ducted, or direct ducted. Our Application Note provides information on how these exhaust options work and suggestions on selecting an exhaust type.