The Thermo Fisher Scientific GAD IIS program supports unsolicited, independent investigator-initiated research projects globally. IIS are conceived, designed, and implemented primarily by an external party, and partially supported by Thermo Fisher Scientific by providing products, instruments, and training. As a leader in innovation of real-time PCR, point-of-care PCR, digital PCR, microarray, and Sanger sequencing, Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Genetic Analysis Division (GAD) develops solutions that aim to help facilitate effective decision-making, improve health outcomes, and reduce the cost of patient care. Supported research should align with our areas of interest, enhance understanding of product performance, investigate additional applications of the product, and explore unmet surveillance, clinical, and diagnostic needs. The decision regarding support provided is based on the scientific merit of the proposed research. The IIS program is not an unrestricted grant program. There are contractual obligations tied to the receipt of any support for an IIS proposal.

Our strategic areas of interest are:
   1)  Infectious disease testing

  •  Respiratory tract infections (including tuberculosis)
  • Gastrointestinal infections
  • Infections related to sexual health and women's health
  • Urinary tract infections
  • Emerging diseases and outbreaks
  • Antimicrobial resistance, including HIV drug resistance

   2)  Precision medicine and pharmacogenomics
   3)  Oncology (Non-NGS) including companion diagnostics

IIS Application Process



  • Proposal (10-page limit)
  • Signed and dated investigator Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  • Evidence of research experience including any relevant past publications, documentation from local Ethical Committee (EC) or Institutional Review Board (IRB), previous Thermo Fisher research partnerships, or other relevant evidence
  • Commitment to scientific dissemination of the study results (abstract, poster, manuscript, report, others)
  • Commitment to complete agreed-upon study milestones
  • IIS should be completed within the duration specified in the proposal; extensions are possible with written justification

Who may apply
Principal investigators from:

  • Reference laboratories
  • Public health laboratories
  • Commercial laboratories
  • Hospital and healthcare institutions
  • Academic institutions (universities, colleges, public and private schools)

Types of eligible research
The research proposal should align with the company's defined areas of strategic interest and may include:

  • Non-interventional (using RUO/IUO products) and interventional (using regulated products) research evaluating the technical, medical, and/or economic value of GAD products to patients, healthcare providers, administrators, laboratories, healthcare systems, and/or payers
  • Non-interventional (using RUO/IUO products) and interventional (using regulated products) research, such as epidemiology or outcomes studies, where the focus is on scientific understanding of the disease
  • Studies improving standard of care or addressing an unmet clinical or diagnostic need
  • Studies that explore the investigational use of GAD products

Support provided
An applicant can request support for the following:

  • Financial support
  • Free of cost products
  • Both

How to apply
1.  Upload a completed study proposal form through the link below. The proposal is a description of how the research will be conducted. This form should not exceed 10 pages, single-spaced, font size of 12. The proposal form includes:

  • PI identification and affiliation
  • Study title
  • Study type (retrospective or prospective)
  • Background (max. 1 page)
  • Study aims and objectives (max. 1 page)
  • Research plans and method describing the number of patients (if applicable), target number of samples to be tested, specimen type, number of sites, length of follow-up, data to be collected, access to relevant testing instruments, analysis and statistical consideration, and results dissemination method(s) (max. 3 pages)

A complete protocol may be requested before the successful endorsement of the study by the review committee. The protocol must be reviewed and approved by the relevant IRB/EC before the contractual agreement is signed. Investigators will assume all responsibilities related to applicable regulatory requirements and ethical standards, including obtaining informed consent of patients referring to Thermo Fisher Scientific’s privacy notice which investigators acknowledge shall apply to any personal data including their own which may be processed by Thermo Fisher Scientific in connection with the study. Thermo Fisher Scientific encourages researchers to register all interventional, prospective, or observational IIS on the FDA’s or other trial registry in applicable countries, prior to enrolling subjects.

     2.   Upload CV of the principal investigator(s)
     3.   Upload a summary page of research experience in relevant field(s)

Prepare the following documents:

  • Study proposal form. Download form ›
  • CV of the principal investigator(s)
  • One-page summary of evidence of research experience

Please send your completed documents here


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