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Primary Antibody

Meet Primary Antibody, a born leader who stands out in a crowd, searching for that "ideal" partner everyone wants.
DOB: 1975
Hobbies: Binding, purifying, detecting
Favorite movie: The Bindfather
Favorite music: Recomb 'n' roll
My dream: To make meaningful connections
Seeking: A strong and lasting relationship
Fun fact: I’ve been cited over 200,000 times in publications.


Primary Conjugated Antibody

Meet Primary Conjugated Antibody, a strong-willed friend who is "true-blue". This best buddy is looking for an ideal match and all the experiences that come with it.
DOB: 1972
Hobbies: Just going with the flow in large group settings
Favorite movie: Flow White and the Seven Fluorophores
Favorite music: Scatterbug
My dream: To analyze in multicolor glory
Seeking: Compatible primary antibody conjugates for a large panel discussion
Fun fact: I am proud to have over 10,000 primary conjugated antibody friends, all validated for flow cytometry.


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Alexa Fluor Secondary Antibody

Meet Alexa Fluor Secondary Antibody, a colorful personality looking to brighten up someone's life.
DOB: 1997
Hobbies: Fluorescing, amplifying, painting
Favorite movie: Alexa Powers: International mAb of Mystery
Favorite music: Conjugated rock
My dream: To shine from within
Seeking: My primary Ab and antigen match
Fun fact: I'm available and known for 24 different Alexa Fluor antibody colors.


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HRP Secondary Antibody

Meet HRP Secondary Antibody, a shy type seeking a sensitive match to experience a meaningful, lifelong bond with.
DOB: Super-centenarian
Hobbies: Conjugating, catalyzing, amplifying
Favorite movie: Old Westerns like High-Horseradish Noon
Favorite music: Chemilumi-classical
My dream: To keep tradition alive
Seeking: Riding off into the sunset with my primary partner and the perfect antigen
Fun fact: I have over 250 conjugates available for you!


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Custom Antibody

Meet Custom Antibody, Primary's ever-changing twin. Every day is a new day for Custom and can also be for that special match who comes along for the ride!
Hobbies: Extreme binding
Favorite movie: Documentaries like SuperAb Me
Favorite music: Jazz and agtime funk
My dream: Making the impossible possible
Seeking: My unique antigen match
Fun fact: I have been part of over 18,000 completed custom antibody projects.


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Antigen is here looking for the best match out there, and has come to the right place to find bonding relationships!
DOB: Age is just a number
Hobbies: Playing hard-to-get
Favorite movie: Epitopia
Favorite music: Protein pop
My dream: To conquer my fear of commitment
Seeking: An open-minded Ab match

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