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Abstract imagery of protein structures
Abstract imagery of close up of alpha helix protein structures
Abstract imagery of antibody binding to protein
Multiplex fluorescent western blot
Abstract imagery of ChIP experiment, antibody binding to DNA binding protein
Abstract imagery of LC MS/MS

Identify, purify, quantify, and characterize

Whether you are looking for individual protein analysis products or entire workflow solutions with products designed to work seamlessly together—we are here to help. Find innovative, high-quality products for every aspect of your protein biology workflow including our Invitrogen and Thermo Scientific reagents, devices, and kits.

Protein Research Essentials Sampling program

Try out our top performing protein biology products to find the right solutions for your experiments before you buy.

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Starting a new technique or application or looking for troubleshooting tips from our protein biology R&D scientists? Uncover a vast wealth of information in our ConnectED Protein Biology Learning Center.

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Protein sample preparation
Protein electrophoresis & Western blotting
Protein modification & crosslinking

Research tools for protein biology

Digital tools to make your experimental planning easier.

BlotBuilder western blot product selection tool

Find the western blot bundle that works for your target protein.

Protein assay selection tool

Find the best protein or peptide quantitation assay for your sample type and application.

Protein gel selection tool

Find the best mini or midi gel for your protein electrophoresis experiment.

ProcartaPlex panel configurator

Design your own multiplex immunoassay for dection using a Luminex instrument.

Protein crosslinker selection tool

Quickly access a customized list of Thermo Scientific Pierce Crosslinkers that meet your research criteria.

Protein extraction and purification product selection tool

Use this interactive tool to find the right set of products needed for your protein isolation.

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