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Getting the right tips at the right time is critical to your scientific endeavors

Automated liquid handling processes are a key component in making your research and discoveries reliable and reproducible. That’s why we understand the importance of having the right tips, for the right automated liquid handler, at the right time.

Choose from the Beckman™ and/or Tecan™ Automation Tips below. Now, through June 30, 2017, you can save 25% on automation tips made to fit Beckman and Tecan automated liquid handlers.

Simply enter Promo Code P1769681 at checkout.

Automation tips for Beckman liquid handlers

Features Color
10μLStandard, NonsterileClear
20μLStandard, NonsterileClear
40μLART filter, SterileClear
50μLStandard, NonsterileClear
50μLLow Retention, NonsterileClear
200μLART filter, SterileClear
200μLNonsterile, StandardClear
20μLART filter, SterileClear
20μLART filter, Low RetentionClear
20μLLiquid Sensing, SterileClear
20μLLiquid SensingClear
20μLStandard, NonsterileClear
20μLLow Retention, NonsterileClear
130μLART filter, SterileClear
130μLART Low Retention, SterileClear
250μLLiquid SensingClear
250μLLow Retention, SterileClear
250μLGenomic, SterileClear
250μLStandard, NonsterileClear
250μLNon Retention, NonsterileClear
250μLGenomic, NonsterileClear

Automation tips for Tecan liquid handlers

Features Color
10μLFiltered, SterileConductive
20μLFiltered, SterileConductive
50μLFiltered, SterileConductive
50μLFiltered, SterileClear
50μLEconopak, NonsterileConductive
175μLFiltered, SterileConductive
200μLGenomic, SterileConductive
200μLEconopak, NonsterileConductive
200μLGenomic, NonsterileConductive
200μLStandard, NonsterileClear
1000μLFiltered, SterileConductive
1000μLGenomic, FilteredConductive
1000μLGenomic, SterileConductive
1000μLGenomic, NonsterileConductive
200μLStandard, NonsterileClear

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