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We're also offering limited time online-only special pricing on our small equipment and consumables for your everyday needs. Get special offers on:

  • Pipette tips
  • Hot plates and hot plate stirrers
  • Shakers
  • Lab bottles and lab plasticware
  • Water baths
  • and more!

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Ultra-low temperature freezers


Cryogenic storage


Hazardous Material Refrigerators and Freezers

*Important information about dock-to-dock shipping for your item
This offer allows for free dock-to-dock shipping in the continental United States (Alaska and Hawaii orders are not eligible). Dock-to-dock does not include delivery beyond the dock, set-up inside or removal of packaging. Terms are FOB shipping point. Deliveries are made using standard freight trucks with lift gates which can accommodate sites without standard receiving docks. The freight company will only offload product onto the dock. At that point, the dock-to-dock shipping is complete. Customers are expected to inspect products for damage before acceptance of delivery. Once offloading by the freight company is complete, customers are responsible for moving freight to its final location inside the site. The freight delivery company will schedule a delivery appointment if the contact information was provided during your account set up.  By completing your purchase, you understand and accept these shipping terms and conditions.