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Comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to support your vaccine development

Thermo Fisher Scientific is an industry-leading, trusted partner offering innovative products and technologies for vaccine development. With the coronavirus (2019-nCov) outbreak, we are committed to helping researchers interested in rapidly developing mRNA-based vaccines with secure supply chains of critical raw materials for mRNA therapeutics.

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Building your gene, with 100% accuracy

Our GeneArt Gene Synthesis materials are produced using cutting edge semi-conductor technology. Using femtomole quantities, our processes help reduce errors associated with high-throughput gene synthesis.

GeneArt Gene Synthesis Services offer:

  • Proprietary optimization of expression and mRNA stability using the multi-factorial GeneArt GeneOptimizer algorithm
  • Synthesis of very large and complex gene sequences
  • Nearly unlimited flexibility in gene and vector design
  • Ready-to-use constructs for expression and transfection
  • Project setup assistance and individual project support
  • Rapid synthesis and assembly as few as 5 business days with SuperSPEED production

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Critical raw material for mRNA synthesis

TheraPure-grade reagents for mRNA therapeutics contain highest level of purity and are manufactured using high-definition analytics and tightly controlled purity standards. Our TheraPure-grade portfolio (Table 1) offers a unique integrated solution for mRNA synthesis, optimized to meet fit-for-purpose standards:

  • Animal origin-free (AOF) and ampicillin-free (AF) components throughout the manufacturing process (e.g., from fermentation to enzyme formulation)
  • Greater than 99% triphosphate for NTPs and modified nucleotides as determined by HPLC
  • Tested for critical impurities, e.g., endotoxin, bioburden, residual metals, host cell DNA, RNase and DNase activities


Table 1. In vitro transcription TheraPure-grade product portfolio.

In vitro transcriptionPosttranscriptional modificationTemplate degradation
T7 RNA polymerase, TheraPure-gradeCapping enzymes, TheraPure-gradeDNase I, TheraPure-grade
RNase inhibitor, TheraPure-grade 2’–O-methyltransferase, TheraPure-grade
Inorganic Pyrophosphatase, TheraPure-gradePoly(A) polymerase, TheraPure-grade
ATP, GTP, CTP and UTP, TheraPure-grade
Modified nucleotides, TheraPure-grade
ARCA (anti-reverse cap analog)

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