From proven clinical laboratory services and diagnostics to scalable translational research solutions, we are a partner you can trust who will help you efficiently develop and apply clinical applications.

With applications that span the clinical laboratory processes–from sample collection to screening and
diagnosis, through end result and patient treatment–we provide a broad range of products and services that support collection through to patient diagnosis, treatment and antimicrobial resistance monitoring.

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Sterilin Certified Universal Container

Manufactured under controlled cleanroom conditions, this clear robust Thermo Scientific RNase, DNase, human DNA and pyrogen free polypropylene container has a wealth of features which make it a laboratory essential. With a maximum rcf of 9,500 x g, working volume of 25mL, convenient self-standing conical base and suitable for use at -80˚C, it’s perfect for a wide range of general laboratory applications from sample handling to storage and centrifugation.

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Matrix Barcoded Storage Tubes

When your workflow includes semi-automated and fully-automated platforms for high throughput, Thermo Scientific tubes allow robust storage and tracking of sample volumes ranging from 7μL to 12mL in 384-, 96-, 48- and 24-place arrays. We have storage formats available for temperatures down to VPLN, and multiple sealing options including ScrewTop caps and septa seals.

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New Sorvall ST8 FR, Floor-Standing Refrigerated Centrifuge

Meet clinical and research protocol needs with the Thermo Scientific Sorvall ST 8 FR instrument. This floor-standing, refrigerated centrifuge offers enhanced ergonomics and helps save valuable bench space in your lab. The Sorvall ST8 FR model has exceptional capacity in a compact design with a smart, simple interface and the flexibility to support numerous applications.

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New Barnstead Smart2Pure Pro Water Purification System

All in One! The Thermo Scientific Smart2Pure Pro system is a compact system which converts tap water to into ASTM Type 1. The Smart2Pure Pro UV/UF 16 LPH offers the choice of a 30 L or 60 L reservoir for customisable storage capacity and ability to dispense both ASTM Type 1 and Type II water.

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New TSG Series Undercounter Refrigerators

The Thermo Scientific TSG Series brings cutting edge innovation into refrigeration by incorporating solid state technology in place of traditional refrigeration methods–with increased storage capacity, less energy consumption and putting almost no heat into the work environment.

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New Heracell VIOS 160i CO2 Incubator with Cell Locker System

The Thermo Scientific Heracell VIOS 160i CO2 incubator with the Thermo Scientific Cell Locker system is an innovative solution of removable, protected chambers designed for improved culturing efficiency and security for sensitive cultures. Six individual, autoclavable polycarbonate chambers divide the incubator chamber, isolating individual cell types or projects.

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Multiskan Sky Microplate Spectrophotometer, touchscreen, cuvette

The Thermo Scientific Multiskan Sky microplate spectrophotometers provide ready-to-use built-in protocols for nucleic acid and protein quantification. The Thermo Fisher Connect cloud-based capability helps maximise data mobility and the attractive user interface is optimised for touchscreen.

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Indiko and Indiko Plus Clinical and Specialty Chemistry System

The Thermo Scientific Indiko and Indiko Plus Clinical and Specialty Chemistry System is a fully-automated random access benchtop system for specialty (drugs of abuse and therapautic drug monitoring) and general chemistry testing.

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New B∙R∙A∙H∙M∙S KRYPTOR GOLD Benchtop Immunoassay Analyzer

With the new Thermo Scientific bench top immunoanalyzer B∙R∙A∙H∙M∙S KRYPTOR GOLD, we continue our journey of excellence of Thermo Scientific B∙R∙A∙H∙M∙S KRYPTOR systems. For more than two decades, customers have valued the exceptionally precise results based on a unique Nobel Prize winning technology. Higher throughput, facilitated handling, and increased capacity for samples, reagents and consumables enhance the efficient performance of B∙R∙A∙H∙M∙S KRYPTOR GOLD and provides the user with maximum autonomy.

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New B∙R∙A∙H∙M∙S direct Reader

The platform Thermo Scientific B·R·A·H·M·S direct Reader is designed for determining Procalcitonin (PCT) values with the assay B·R·A·H·M·S PCT direct at the patient point of care. With its easy data handling and high data storage capacity the B·R·A·H·M·S direct Reader device can provide PCT results rapidly from just one drop of blood–anytime and anywhere.

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New Revos Tissue Processor

Bottlenecks in laboratory workflows reduce throughput, lengthen the time from tissue sampling to diagnoses and increase costs. The Thermo Scientific Revos workflow-enhancing Tissue Processor overcomes these challenges. It offers reduced tissue processing time and less risk of tissue damage–all with no reduction in processing quality.

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New ArcosSL Slide Management System

The Thermo Scientific ArcosSL Slide Management System is designed to give laboratories a simple way to archive slide specimens while providing a highly secure chain of custody.

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New Slide Basket Transfer System

The Thermo Scientific Slide Basket Transfer System (SBTS) is the accessory that eliminates the need to manually transfer slide baskets from the Thermo Scientific Gemini AS automatic Slide Stainer to the Thermo Scientific ClearVue Coverslipper.

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New Phadia 200 System

The Thermo Scientific Phadia 200 system delivers confidence in a fully automated and efficient benchtop instrument in the aid of allergy and autoimmunity in vitro diagnostics. The support of both ImmunoCAP and EliA tests combined with a small footprint that fits a standard lab bench, enable your lab to be flexible in the operational setup. The high degree of automation in the Phadia 200 device with automated dilutions and full reagent and patient sample traceability via bar code scanning, helps reduce hands-on work and risk for manual errors. Batch analysis helps simplify run setup, and reflex testing is easily done in a second batch. The system is operated via a built-in touch screen, but can also be clustered with other Phadia laboratory systems, all handled via the Thermo Scientific Phadia Prime software.

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Thermo Scientific Prelude LX-4 MD HPLC

Accelerate your clinical workflow with new and innovative Mass Spectrometry solutions for your lab. Join us in discussing the latest developments in workflow automation and simplified data analysis to help solve your toughest analytical challenges.

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Thermo Scientific TSQ Altis Triple Stage Quadrupole MS

Next-generation triple quadrupole mass spectrometers deliver exceptional performance for the most demanding clinical research applications and routine quantitative workflows.

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Take your training to the next level in Dubai

A laboratory can only be as productive and valuable as the people in it. So it makes perfect sense that you train to the highest standards and maximise your talents, skills and potential. At the Thermo Fisher Scientific Customer Experience Centre in Dubai we provide comprehensive, professional training and certification through a complete course portfolio that can help you achieve the most from your instrumentation and results. Our ultimate goal is to equip you with a total solution for your analytical needs.

Workshop topics include:

  • Life sciences mass spectrometry
  • Chromatography
  • Inorganic mass spectrometry


  • Sequencing and PCR
  • Cell analysis
  • Additional courses

Ask our team for more information on courses or how to register.