Expi293F Cells (cGMP banked)

Expi293F™ Cells are derived from the human 293 cell line, and are a core component of the Expi293 Expression System.

They are maintained in suspension culture and will grow to high density in Expi293 Expression Medium.

Expi293F Cells are highly transfectable and achieve higher protein yields per cell compared to standard 293 cell lines resulting in transient protein expression yields of up to one gram per liter.

Features include:

  • cGMP-banked suspension culture cells, pre-adapted to Expi293 Expression Medium
  • Derived from the same Master Seed Bank as our standard Expi293F Cells (Cat No. A14527)
  • Fully documented cGMP-banked cell line
  • A component of the fully integrated, animal origin-free Expi293 Expression System for applications requiring cGMP-banked cells
  • Flexible commercial licensing options

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