Our most advanced sequencing chemistry for the Ion PGM System

The new Ion Hi-Q View kit delivers the same sequencing accuracy as the original Hi-Q chemistry plus powerful enhancements to help you achieve even greater confidence in your results at no additional cost.

Advantages of Hi-Q View chemistry for Ion PGM System:

  • Higher-confidence results – Significant improvements in strand specific sequence coverage and enhanced experimental reproducibility with visible Ion Sphere Particles.
  • Robust variant detection – Equivalent or better sequencing read accuracy observed across targeted resequencing panels compared to previous Hi-Q chemistry, maintaining the same high quality variant calling.
  • Higher quality de novo assemblies – Up to 90% decrease in indel error rates for microbial sequencing.
  • Convenient application flexibility – Support for up to 400-base reads using the Ion Chef System or Ion OneTouch 2 System.

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A29900 Ion PGM Hi-Q View OT2 Kit 8 reactions
A30044 Ion PGM Hi-Q View Sequencing Kit 8 reactions
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