Meet a great match for TRIzol reagents: Phasemaker Tubes

Using TRIzol reagents just got simpler, thanks to a new best friend. Invitrogen™ Phasemaker™ Tubes create a tight, durable seal between the aqueous and organic phase of your TRIzol mix. Phasemaker Tubes don’t compromise the performance of TRIzol reagents, allowing you to easily pipette off the RNA phase. It’s almost too easy.

You'll also enjoy:

  • Higher yield – increase recovery by as much as 30%
  • Ease of use – simply use with TRIzol mix, centrifuge, and then easily pipette off the aqueous phase
  • Ready-to-use convenience – comes predispensed in 2 mL tubes
  • Increased throughput – stable gel seal allows you to maximize the number of samples per run without losing phase separation

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