PrepSEQ Express Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

The PrepSEQ® Express Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit contains pre-filled reagents and plastic tubes and tips to perform hands-free extraction of purified nucleic acid from 52 samples.

The kit is designed for use on the AutoMate Express™ Nucleic Acid Extraction System, which is an easy-to-use benchtop instrument that enables hands-free automation of the nucleic acid extraction process for contaminant and impurity testing.

Key product features:

  • Time-saving, cost-effective DNA extraction for mycoplasma, MMV, vesivirus, and residual DNA quantitation
  • Quantitative and reproducible recovery of DNA from complex samples
  • Out-of-the-box automation when used with the AutoMate Express Nucleic Acid Extraction System
  • Closed system minimizes the risk of contamination
  • Ideal for in-process testing of contaminants and impurities

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