From July 7 to September 30, 2014, purchase $1,000 or more of any Gibco® FBS product(s) through your Supply Center and get cool lab gear. See your choices below and complete the web form with your order information to get your lab gear.

Spend $1,000–

Get a Nalgene Mr. Frosty™ Cryogenic Freezing Container. It can hold 18 vials, and has dimensions of 117mm diameter x 86mm height.

Spend $2,000–

Get a ProScope Micro Mobile. The first professional microscope for mobile devices.

Spend $3,000–

Get a Thermo Scientific™ Finnpipette™ F1 Adjustable Volume Single Channel Pipette.

To request a gift:

  1. Place a Supply Center order and write down the order number.
  2. Return to this page with the order number.
  3. Enter your order number on the form.

To find your order number, look on the order confirmation email (1234567 in the example below):

Thank you for your Order! Your order number is 1234567
Placed On 2014-06-20 14:14:09.0 by Mary Smith
Confirmation email has been sent to

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