Shared lists

How to create a shared list on

Shared lists are a tool to solve for the manual task of copying catalog numbers, URLs, and product names into emails, hand written order forms and various other list-making tools that get circulated around your lab and eventually sent to a purchaser for ordering.

  1. Register or Login
    A basic account allows you to find technical documentation, transfer or save a cart, access Thermo Fisher Cloud, and save products to your favorites lists. To order products you’ll need to upgrade to an ordering account.
  2. Access shared lists
    To access your lists, sign in to, hover over “Account” at the top right of the screen, and click on the “Shared Lists” link.
  3. Create a list
    To create a new list, click the blue “Create new list" button, name the list, and click "Continue." You may rename or delete the list at any time by clicking on the settings icon to the right of any list.
  4. Add products & ideas
    To add a product to your list, visit its product page, add a quantity, then click the "Save to List” button. If you have multiple lists, select the correct list from the “Save to list” dropdown, or you can create a new list on the spot. To add an idea, click on the shared list, and in the open field add the general product idea and click the red “Add idea” button.
  5. Collaborate
    To invite collaborators to your list, use the “Invite collaborators” link on the list page. The settings section allows you to view collaborator status as well as to delete collaborators.
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